drawing challenge 166: stars

for this drawing challenge
i show a piece called 'Girl with Star' by Kiki Smith
which i think fits the theme perfectly

a kneeling girl
spreads her hands in awe
as a metaphor for the child in us
that the contact with nature
still holds

for the links to the other participants please visit Veronica's blog here

voor deze drawing challenge
toon ik een werk genaamd 'Girl with Star' van Kiki Smith
waarvan ik denk dat perfect past bij het thema

een knielende meisje
spreidt haar handen vol ontzag
als een metafoor voor het kind in ons
dat het contact met de natuur
nog niet verloren heeft


15 opmerkingen:

  1. Silent stars, without their twinkle.

  2. Gosh that is beautiful and moving. I really feel like sculpting again...after about 25 years and first divorce where many pieces were shattered against a wall...long story. But every time I see a beautiful sculpture, I feel like making one. Thank you so much for this lovely arrangement, off to the link now. Big hugs. X

  3. Gorgeous sculpture, and the words...oh so deeply moving.

  4. Stunning image!
    That gorgeous sculpture embraced by the lovely background of stars.
    And the words too. Just beautiful.

  5. What a wonderful find, dear Patrice, it fits so well. These gesture... moving. In my imagination I go into this position... and feel humility
    and eternity facing stars.

    Thank you, Dear.

  6. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  7. True what you said and I just bought a kiki smith book with this work in it - just awesome.
    xo barbara bee

  8. This is great. And some believe we come from star dust. So we might be children of the stars then.. :)

  9. What an impressive and strong image! A great artist. With little says a lot!
    Thank you for showing us this picture full of sensibility

  10. It seems like an age since I have had time to look up and leave a comment here.
    There is light at the end of the tunnel :)
    And this image has helped centre me before an important assessment this afternoon.

  11. such beautiful and moving art, thank you for sharing!

    thanks to you i have just picked up the "Tracks" book today at the library.
    i had to get hold of it after reading about it in your previous blog post in here.
    can't wait to start reading it : )


  12. zo kwetsbaar...
    ik wil je ook bedanken voor je lieve woorden, oh ja, her-focussen, steeds weer eigenlijk, en af en toe ook te goed, om de richting niet te verliezen. nu zó niet lang meer, want de weken vliegen óm! n♥

  13. i missed your stars but i found them today, i'm glad i did, wonderful, xx