drawing challenge 176: S K I N

the theme of the 176th drawing challenge is chosen by tinywoolf NADINE
please visit her blog for the link to the other participants

the skin
our largest organ

our skin
the shell in which we live
vulnerable and sensitive
which we protect and criticize
the pimples, pores, spots and wrinkles....

meet me and my family
up close!
the part we see when kissing on the cheek  ;^))
youngest with his young soft skin
eldest with his vulnerable allergic skin
and my love the sailor with his outdoor wrinkled skin

and all week
i had this song in my head
'i've got you under my skin'
a drawing on tracing paper using my favorite colored pencils
the image of my three man
which they give to me on my birthday every year underneath
i've got them under my skin ;^))

9 opmerkingen:

  1. The temple,
    dear Patrice!
    Sweetie! same area of skin of my son.

    Your bearded men, lovely! and your drawing is fantastic. You gave your family a protecting skin, wonderful!

    I can feel your kisses on my cheeks,
    hope you feel mine, too:
    xox xo

  2. The song came to me, too, this week, oh yes...
    I love your interpretation of the theme - those pictures are great!
    hello to your family
    x Stefanie

  3. Aha! I'm glad I'm not the only nutter that has a song for every DC theme stuck in their head!! :)
    I love this close up of your family - and you my friend!

  4. oh, yeah... under our skin. hello patrice-family! now i see already what i'll be kissing next time we meet... ;)))) very original entry! loooovely family, yours. and waw, that sketch. i had to look twice, i thought it was a close up of skin. close enough!
    thxs for finding the time, patrice! x n♥

  5. such a lovely post
    i had never heard of these pencils, your photo makes me want to try them
    your photos are wonderful artful glimpses
    and such a sweet photo drawing
    an annual gift, i love that idea
    fun how these DC's can get under our skin as we consider life through them

  6. So nice to see all these different skins - eric.

  7. Aw, look at your lovely, cheek-kissable family! Perfect description. Also, now I have to go source and try the beautiful pencils you've shown! Big hugs.

  8. Patrice so nice to see all those different kind of skins!
    The pencils are divine!

  9. Good Photo-Idea. Love all the Skins and Looks...