drawing challenge 185: R E E F

the theme this week is chosen by Katrin
please visit her blog for the link to the other participants

i immediately thought of Daan Roosegaarde
and his poetic project 'waterlicht'
a dream landscape about the power and poetry of water
a large part of the Netherlands lies below sealevel
in these images people seem reef  ;^))

sorry, nothing self-made this week
i worked 6 days
just one more busy week
before i get into calmer waters

ik moest meteen denken aan Daan Roosegaarde
en zijn poëtische project 'waterlicht'
een droomlandschap over de kracht en poëzie van water
een groot deel van Nederland ligt onder zeeniveau
in deze afbeeldingen lijken de mensen het rif  ;^))

sorry, niets zelfgemaakt deze week
ik heb 6 dagen gewerkt
nog één drukke week
voordat ik in rustiger water kom

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, dear Patrice,
    what a mooi poetic project! Thank you very much for introduce us to it. Geweldig!

    I wish you a soft week and a gentle landing in calmer waters, my dear friend.
    xoxx Love, Ariane. Rose

  2. O zo mooi gevonden. Alleen de titel al: waterlicht.Prachtig! - eric

  3. That's amazing, isn't it? It looks like the lost world of Atlantis come to life. People are just so talented. :D Thank you for linking to this artist and I hope your week next week is easier. Big hugs. X

  4. these images are truly breathtaking, as a kid, I have often fantasized about living under water or about, flooding our flat to be able to dive all day.


  5. Wow. Just wow. Stunning! You don't know what a huge fan of light installations I am. I wish I would have seen this in real!

  6. such beautiful mystical photos
    thank you for sharing them

  7. oh my. i don't think coincidence could come any closer than this. fancy us being reef... what a spectacle. how i wish i could stand underneath that poetry looking up at the dark skies cut by lightbeams....
    hang on sister. bij dat het gauw kalmer voor je wordt. oh, wat is dàt goed uitkijken... een beetje meer tijd voor jezelf, patrice?

  8. Calmer Waters! To you and mybe to me too. Wonderful blue Pictures to dream with.

  9. impressing!
    warm greetings from rainy Paris.

  10. ik weet het... de tijd, de tijd...
    maar ik kan jou niet niet uitnodigen!! ;)))
    check out here and feel very welcome indeed. n♥