drawing challenge: outer space

the theme made me think of creatures
floating through space
innocent and friendly, making blieb-sounds
the idea was to make a whole family
but it became just one, alone in space
maybe it can find friends here
at Rachel's

drawing challenge: outer space 

het thema deed me denken aan wezentjes
zwevend door de ruimte
onschuldig en vriendelijk, met blieb-geluiden
het idee was een hele familie te maken
maar het werd er slechts één, alleen in de ruimte

misschien kan het hier vrienden vinden
bij Rachel

10 opmerkingen:

  1. patrice, we've had aliens on our mind, i see... ha ha ha... well, with such a theme, similar outer spaces would collide.
    and now, i read, your ship will collide with julia's? terrific. please si hi! from woolf... ;)
    ps - i love the comfortable posture of your alien. it's looking friendly through it. x

  2. Haaa, dear Patrice,
    fantastic... its a hug-alien! And he's not alone!

    I admire your layouts: Really soft, free and with a fluent style. And so many! And your sewn one... so cute... floating in the outer space.

    Blieb blieb
    x Ariane.
    (You and Julia on my mind...)

  3. Patrice, I adore your extraterrestrial. He 's not one bit intimidating. Your sketches are wonderful, I see the whole family is there! It looks like you had a lot of fun with it. It made me smile!

  4. love your sketches Patrice, the eyes say it all! and that sweet space creature you sewed, fantastic, love your creative mind, xx

    thanks for your good wishes,you are sweet, xx

  5. great collection of creatures!
    ik zou ze graag meeten in outer space, ergens.
    en wat een mooie sterren hemel daarachter.
    en phu wat mijn nederlands niet alleenmaar out in space but out of shape!

  6. Heel mooi weer Patrice. Je talent spat ervan af!!

  7. these little aliens are soooo wonderful!

  8. lovely!
    love. love. your creatures!

  9. Dear Patrice, your sketches makes me smile, those creatures look so inocent and friendly.
    The space creature you saw, it's wonderful, I love it!

  10. i love your aliens!!! they are peaceful fun creatures. i may jump in a bit late with this one. my son is particluarly focused on space in his art.