vandaar flevoland: een boekje met 263 culinaire, culturele, 
avontuurlijke en bijzondere adressen in de Provincie Flevoland
en daar ben ik er één van!

verkoopprijs van het boekje: € 12,95
bestellen: stuur me een e-mail 


vandaar flevoland: a booklet with 263 culinary, cultural
adventurous  and special addresses in the province of Flevoland
and I am one of them!

selling price of the book: € 12,95
ordering: send me an e-mail

11 opmerkingen:

  1. congratulations!
    i am happy for you my friend
    : )

  2. Oh, toll, großartig,
    liebe Patrice!
    äh... super, great, dear Patrice!!

    I'll send you an email.

    x Ariane.

  3. oh my, patrice!
    proficiat hiervoor!!!
    i have no idea where about flevoland is situated, but by what you told me recently, close to amsterdam? sorry i couldn't meet up with you. i didn't suggest it, because we just wouldn't have had the time to do so. but i'll be back in spring, and i will gladly let you know then. would love to grab a cup of something on a gracht?...

    late as i am, your lucky bird traveled with me, everywhere... now it is up and i would like to invite you to this weekend's challenge : curve
    warm hug, my friend

  4. hey lieve patrice
    subtiele ontwerpen?!
    kunnen mensen dan op bezoek komen naar jou, zou maar op je deur tappen?
    kling heel erg leuk zoiezo!
    ik kom heel graag..

  5. Patrice, this is so cool! You must feel so proud to be in such a collection.

    I apologize for my "lucky bird" might be posted very very late. I have fallen way behind and am running on very little sleep. But my sweetheart is home so I will try to catch some zzzzzzzz's and get my creative juices flowing.

    Thank you for your kind words...

    Love, Rachel

  6. Wow!!!
    So wonderful- Very Very proud of you!..:-) xx

  7. i'm very proud of you too liebe patrice, my super talented friend!
    love, julia

  8. Oh Patrice, congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

  9. Yes, great congratulation what a compliment for you and your work.

  10. Congratulations! very exciting to be acknowledged for your talent. you are a destination! :)

  11. oh wat fijn voor jou!
    ja, hoe gaat dat in zijn werk? kan je gewoon bij je op bezoek komen dan?
    fijn weekend :)