drawing challenge: monogram

a blackboard, a piece of chalk, a camera and 17 minutes

I had little time for myself this week because of my flu-like family
and now I think I also have some of it  ;^(

for more monograms see:
Ariane, Marit, Ritva, Mano, Demie (maybe), Stephanie, Renilde, Leena
Hagar, Nadine, Julia (maybe), Rosemary, Tania and Lise B. (maybe)
and Rachel!

happy weekend!

21 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Patrice - clever idea, and you did it so quickly. Are you going to make it the new header for your blog? - it would look good. Hope you are well and have not succumbed to the flu. Take care.

  2. I should have mentioned that I tried to get in to Demie's, but blogger will not take me there. I wonder if she still has a problem? Hopefully she may see this and realise, as I did not know how to contact her.

  3. hi speedy-lady,
    well done!!!
    blackboard and chalk- my favorite couple ;)

    i have answered sunshine questions today and
    will do my monogram as soon as possible :)
    take care and get well soon!


  4. Mooi! In maar 17 minuten dus? Ik doe het je niet na.

  5. This is great, wonderful idea and beutufully done!

  6. This is such a great example of being inventive when time is short, the result: beautiful and another of your stylish posts.
    Take care dear Patrice, x

  7. Dear Patrice,
    oh, surprise... rich ornaments! Love it!!
    Your making-of has something about zen... meditative.
    And when its ready you take a big wet sponge!?

    I can remember on an art work by you on this blackboard and piece of chalk... a pretty blossom... last year.

    Thanks for taking pictures... and your wonderful monogram as a new header would be great.

    And thank you very much for beeing our sweet hostess with this golden theme.
    Get well.
    x Ariane.

  8. love{r}ly monogram...! this is stylish. the monochrome colour certainly adds to the drama. it IS a grand header!
    get well again, altough flu is everywhere, these days. uninvited guest!
    i've been out and about, into the bright sunlight: i rediscovered photography after a long winter stop... the drawing is in the pipeline, so to speak, but i'll wait till it's dark again.

  9. If you made this in 17 min. you are GOOD!!!!
    now my monogram is finally up ; )

  10. Lovely monogram, simple, delicate and so stylish,simply perfect!

  11. i enjoyed seeing the progression of your beautiful and ornate monogram.
    i hope the family is feeling better. you're in my thoughts.
    i was inspired and able to draw today. visit me and my monogram.



  12. dear freundin, on the first look i thought you stitched that! your monogram is beautiful!
    please enjoy your flu!! thats the best you can do, time for reading, drinking tea, cloud watching and many naps!
    love&hug julia

  13. great idea, wonderful monogram!
    get well soon, dear patrice!!
    x mano

  14. Sorry that I never did my monogram post! I were together with my son and husband in our second home, and never quite got time enough alone to do it. I like your A! What a good idea!And get well soon, if you still are suffering! My husband is sniffing a lot, and coughing, I am afraid I am the next victim to be

  15. A-mazing! What a great result with only 17 minutes time! It took me a lot more time to draw my monogram, but I finally finished and posted it. I'm glad I still managed it, 'cause I just came back from my trip to Paris yesterday evening. Drawing finished, but luggage still waiting to be unpacked! ;o)

  16. I am looking forward for the new drawing-challenge-theme...nice idea!
    So next time I will take part.
    And nice blog, too!

  17. Anoniem27.2.12

    Gaaf gedaan! helemaal omdat je het helemaal hebt vastgelegd en dan zo snel!
    Ik vond het gaaf om mee te doen! dank je.

  18. Wonderful A! Love it!

  19. that looks like it was FUN!
    love it.
    i had computer probs - no charger for a week, so i'm a little late. ;) will post this afternoon!

  20. oh oh oh
    i am a fan of yours!
    what else could i be?!

  21. hope your feeling better- your chalk progression would make a great little stop motion film :)