drawing challenge: NEW THEME

monograms have been used as signatures by artists(!) and craftsmen
on paintings, sculptures and pieces of furniture
the theme for the 50th drawing challenge on Saturday February 25:
will you join?

* a design composed of one or more letters
typically the initials of a name used as an identifying mark 
later a design or mark of two or more letters intertwined

drawing challenge: nieuw thema

monogrammen werden als handtekening gebruikt door kunstenaars(!) en ambachtslieden
op schilderijen, beelden en meubels
het thema voor de 50e teken uitdaging op zaterdag 25 februari:
doe je mee?

*  een ontwerp dat is samengesteld uit een of meer letters
meestal de initialen van een naam gebruikt als merkteken
later een ontwerp of merk bestaande uit twee of meer met elkaar verweven letters

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Jaaa, liebe Patrice,
    delicious theme... would I say it in your words... I would say: mmmmm!
    For sure I'm in!


  2. Anoniem20.2.12

    Hi Patrice, ik doe graag mee met de uitdaging.

    groetjes Marit

  3. I like handwriting and monograms very much. sure, I'm in!
    xx mano

  4. wow! that's a tough one! I'll try to ...try it!

    ps. I am facing some problems with my blog. I managed to delete some photo albums fron google+ and now most of my blog pictures are gone!!! : ( it might take some time to recover them- if possible at all- but I try to try your interesting theme .... greeting from a very comfused demie

  5. Me too i'll try, interesting theme, x

  6. I´ll try.. This is not an easy but interesting challenge, though, have a nice week!

  7. Hi dear, Excellent theme, not easy, but, ye..who want easy...;-)

    I'm having busy days plus the vacation starting this week- so I will do my best!


  8. interesting!
    i will LOVE to.

  9. liebe freundin, what a theme. can't do more than try to be part of it.
    this week, inclusive the weekend, the half of my family has it's birthday... so maybe i'll be late, or even don't make it at all with a monogram! big hug+love and a real letter soon, julia

  10. Dear Patrice - I am a little bit pushed for time this week, but I will give it my best shot and have a go. It is a good challenge.

  11. Hallo Patrice, not an easy one for me, but interesting anyway! I'm on travel until saturday, so I may be late, but I love to try! Bonjour de Paris! ;-)

  12. very interesting theme. but we are very busy this weekend, because - i hope so - our renovations plans become reality...i'm looking forward to your ideas...


  13. Interesting, but may be too difficult for me, as I cannot draw. I will tell you if I am joining tomorrow, if that is ok. Have a nice week end anyway, and I will read the posts!