drawing challenge: fairy tale

the theme of the recent Film and Photo Festival was the same
as the theme of this week's drawing challenge: fairy tale

my fairy tale is a combination of Alice and Thumbelina
questioning myself:
what if I would be so small
that I could go through a hole
in a tree
to an other world....


....I would see the world differently
see an other world
and dance with the fireflies

first I made a self-portrait in black/white
cut precisely and fasten a toothpick on the back
went to the forest and made a picture of this little me
poked holes in the print and placed it on a light box
and with a different focus
there it was
my fairy world

pay a visit to the beautiful fairy blog of Tatjana
for more participants


18 opmerkingen:

  1. dancing with fireflies~
    lijkt mij heel erg fijn.
    vooral met die sterren
    ik kom langzam terug
    mis jullie!

  2. Patrice thank you for showing us a beautiful experience and telling us how we can create our own magic. Oh I will be trying this out in future. Well Thumbelina was my favorite fairy tale as a child and your take on it as an older child (inner child I guess) is fun. I have always loved the image of where the bird is ill and looks deceased and then the girl finds it. I enjoyed this romp! *smiles* Norma

  3. gigantic fireflies, though i'll be glad to join you down the rabbit hole.
    as always, yours,

  4. dear i
    looooove this!
    both the atmosphere and idea!
    beautifully done,
    that last one is my super favorite :)

  5. me too, I love it!
    beautiful idea and pictures, your little me so lovely and romantic.
    x Stefanie

  6. ... dancing with fireflies, entering a tree trough a hole, oh how i want that!
    you made me cry lieve, schöne, freundin! love, julia

  7. this is so wonderful! great!

    the effect is startling. magical!

    love it!!!

    thank you!

  8. Anoniem20.5.12

    Ik vind het echt een heel gaaf project zo met de foto's,het ijkt me heerlijk om met vuurvliegjes te dansen.


  9. You do dance with the fireflies, dear! I love your post, thamk you Patrice:)

  10. wonderful post, beautiful pictures - I love the one with the "fireflies" very, very much! :-)

  11. Patrice, dearest Patrice,
    oh, I've missed you last week!
    But now.. I know where you have been.

    My sweet Thumbelina, what a great adventure!
    And fantastic images...


  12. Anoniem21.5.12

    so beautiful! the last picture reminds me of peter pan.
    dancing with fireflies. sparkling light. make a wish...
    made me smile:)

  13. Oh I love this!! So poetic and how you made it happen...would love to see more on this! magical :)

  14. I love the idea of feeling so small. Sitting in my garden yesterday I looked up to a really huge old oak and wondered about the life in it. What if I could sit in this oak and look around....what would I see?
    Thank you for this inspiring post

  15. patrice, i like
    this idea so much,
    you, next to the tree,
    and with fireflies
    magic pictures.

  16. lieve Patrice, eindelijk tijd om een kijkje te nemen in al die sprookjeswerelden en ik word verrast :)
    I love your idea and the execution of it, what a great idea to use B/W photoos, they blend wonderfully with the background and add just that extra, i wished i could enter that last image and dance with you, x

  17. i LOVE these photos,
    coming back to see them again and again : )


  18. okay how did I miss this Patrice!!
    I really love it the process and the final narrative that last image is divine.

    Helen :)