drawing challenge: underwater

about half of the Netherlands lies below sea level
where I live it is about - 4 meters 

walking through the forest I get the feeling being underwater
all that fresh green
the spotty sunlight
I dive in 
and float

for more underwater world you go to Julia

pencil drawing with watercolor on A4 paper 

drawing challenge: onder water

ongeveer de helft van Nederland ligt onder het zeeniveau
waar ik woon is het ongeveer - 4 meter

lopend door het bos krijg ik het gevoel onder water te zijn
al dat frisse groen
het vlekkerige zonlicht
ik duik onder
en zweef

voor meer onderwaterwereld ga je naar Julia

potloodtekening met waterverf op A4 papier


15 opmerkingen:

  1. Of course,
    dear Patrice,
    'nether lands'!
    Your pics of an underwater wood... wonderful.
    And your drawing...
    Simply great.


  2. wow. this is so good. i'm speechless.

  3. Patrice my gosh this post is so rich in green. I feel literally immersed in it and it's so wonderful. Thank you for showing the map. It's remarkable to think about that body of water/land and what it is like there.
    Your drawing reminds me of a human mermaid swimming down. So great.
    *smiles* Norma

  4. the sea and the forest.
    yes, wonderful diving areas!

    beautiful post!


  5. The diving figure drawing is really nice Patrice great composition the placement of the figure really gives that feeling of diving in and the simplicity of line is nice.
    Your photos are really cool too I love the filter effect that you have used they feel watery.
    Another great narrative love it!

  6. beautiful green colours, wonderful drawing - I wished I could dive into this green, too. I'll try it in my garden, perhaps under the birches...

  7. vergeet ik soms, bijzonder is dat!
    wow, je tekening, is zo onzettend mooi!
    fijne week, dag.

  8. beautiful elegance, fantastic angle.
    colour to die for.
    and yes, i love that sea of green (both trees and drawing).

  9. wonderful your to dive in greens, i absolutely love your drawing, what a line!! your freundin

  10. beautiful, beautiful, you are diving into the green(i do that too, alot lately), that feeling captured in just a few lines and one colour, looks simple but has to be exact to reach effect and it really does, bravo! xx

  11. I love your underwater images and the idea of living underwater.. the lime diver is gorgeous x Leena

  12. wonderful drawing ! makes me really feel the falling/floating/diving sensation :)
    funny how the forest and underwater are very similar environments, I love that

  13. Patrice, I didn't know that about the Netherlands! That's a lot of water. No wonder you feel like diving in and floating! We live 40 feet above sea level. I can almost feel the sea water surround me when I look at your drawing and I can hear the splash and the bubbles rising up. Nice!

  14. my dear underwater friend, wandering, diving one!
    how i love the thought of diving into the green.
    i never have thought the similarity between our countries- so much water :)
    hugs and kisses!

  15. First I watched the photos and than there it is: THAT drawing! Great, I love it!
    May I invite you to join the next drawing challenge?
    x Stefanie