drawing challenge: cross-stitch

when the children were small I embroidered borders in cross-stitch for
their sheets and knitted Fair Isle beanies and shawls
both by using a pattern diagram
I love the counting, the repetition
it brings my head to rest

for a while now I want to do something with the letter B
standing for be or to be
I made a pattern diagram, but
it came adapted in this work
with a little cross
in cross-stitch

for more cross-stitching you go to Nadine's tinyWoolf


toen de kinderen heel klein waren borduurde ik randjes in kruissteek voor
hun lakentjes en breide ik Fair Isle mutsen en sjaals
allebei volgens een telpatroon
ik hou van het tellen, de herhaling
het brengt rust in mijn hoofd

al een tijdje wil ik iets doen met de letter B
staand voor be of to be, zijn of worden
ik maakte een telpatroon, maar
het kwam aangepast in dit werk
met een klein kruisje
in kruissteek

15 opmerkingen:

  1. I also love the counting, both in embroidery and stiching, i even embroidered the placecards for our wedding. I like your be cross work. Have a rally nice week!

  2. I meant really of course

  3. Dearest Patrice,
    your double cross stitches brings tears to my eyes... very much touching. Even the hanging end of the thread is moving as the whole art work!
    I remember your dancing fingers in the air while you telling Julia and me about your plans for the embroidery
    makes me smile with a warm heart.

    X Ariane

  4. ... and your 'B'... your 'B'!

  5. Same here with the counting and the fair isle... there is something meditative about it - and as you say, soothing to the mind. When I discovered how much Virginia Woolf liked to knit...it just made sense.

    Your needle punching, and tiny cross within a cross is perfect!


  6. A stitcher! I'll have fun exploring here. Do you know Stitch and Tickle? It is my fiber artist friend Sophie Truong. You can get to her through my blog or just google!

  7. I'm in love with your be-cross-picture!!!

  8. ha ja, zo ontstaan de beste patronen...
    i love that pushed through cardboard you're working on.
    did you pierce that by hand now?

  9. Very clever, an original interpretation. I have a daughter-in-law who does counted thread work which I think looks amazing, but do not have the patient myself.

  10. Hi Patrice, these are lovely. I especially like the bottom one with the holes and the cross. xo Carole

  11. Love this Patrice. The cross within the cross. Brilliant. Strong. Calm. This would look so great mounted somehow. *smiles* Norma

  12. Yes, calm - and bold. The cross within the cross, my favorite. -sus

  13. what can i say live freundin, your work is just great, pure and beautiful!!! love, julia

  14. totally beautiful! you have such a solid style- so confident and clever too :)