Hamburg 1.

afgelopen dinsdag en woensdag had ik een tweedaagse vakantie 
vol zon, warmte, verhalen en gelach
samen met Julia, Barbara en Ariane
we hadden elkaar veel te vertellen
in een mengeling van Engels en Duits
en er was veel te zien bij 
verschillende exposities - zie Ariane voor meer details

ik glimlach nog steeds....
wordt vervolgd

Hamburg 1.

last Tuesday and Wednesday I had a two-days holiday 
filled with sun, warmth, stories and laughter
along with Julia, Barbara and Ariane
we had a lot to tell each other
in a mixture of English and German
and there was much to see at
various exhibitions - see Ariane for more details

I still smile....
to be continued

9 opmerkingen:

  1. looks very inspiring, sehr schön!
    hope you spend a lot of days like those in you life,
    x Stefanie

  2. Hi Patrice, I LOVE your photos, especially the one in the mirrow with all of us, but the other are awesome also every single one!
    It was a real pleasure to meet you for the 1st time and I hope we all can continue this very often - it was so much fun and so inspiring!

  3. lieve freundin, i love to look at all those well known places trough your eyes! especially the naughty door;)
    and the picture with us is heartbreaking, need that as wallpaper;)
    so lets make new plans!
    love and hugs and please excuse my snoring!!

  4. Lucky, lucky you guys!!! These photos tell so much about the fun you had. xxoo - sus

  5. OH WAUW!
    wat mooi dat jullie 4 elkaar hebben gezien,
    oh oh oh!
    wil ook daarbij zijn :) hahahaha!
    prachtige vrouwen.

  6. makes me very happy when there are meetings of our blogger community in person. So wish I could have been there so lovely though that you are able to share the experience with us.

    You gorls looked like you had lots of fun I look forward to catching up on all the posts of this adventure.

    Helen :)

  7. there is so much joy to look at the pictures. beautiful!

  8. mooie, mooie foto, jullie gevieren!!!!
    prachtvrouwen, hoor!!!!
    you had a good time, hadn't you?

  9. Oh,leuk leuk...om jullie te zien. who is who...curious.
    Maar wat een vakantie voor jezelf,heerlijk!