drawing challenge: habit

dear Kirsten choose this weeks theme: habit

though I laugh often and quickly and sometimes too loud
I tend to gloomy, melancholy and darkness
my habit: I always find bears on my path....

next weekend I am the host
I will announce the new theme tomorrow

* * * * 

al lach ik vaak en snel en ook wel luid
neig ik naar somber, melancholie en donkerte
mijn gewoonte: ik vind altijd beren op m'n pad....

komend weekend ben ik de host
ik zal morgen het nieuwe onderwerp bekendmaken

10 opmerkingen:

  1. hi, patrice...
    gloomy, melancholy and darkness are partners, aren't they? they make up this wholenes, which is us.
    i tend to believe they are the fuel to our creativity, the force that drives us. bears scare me, so there... i love their shiny pelt though.
    hug, dear friend,
    look forward to our next step.

  2. do you?? i wish you friendly bears dear Patrice,
    i love the 'wildness' in your drawing, xx

  3. Dear Patrice, I often encounter Bears on my path, too - how fun too visualize in your drawing! I look forward to the next theme. -sus

  4. You find bears on your path,
    dearest Patrice,
    very good... bears symbolises the female power, power of earth mother! The right manner for melancholic moments, no?

    Your drawing is powerful, indeed! wow.

    Looking forward for your theme... nosy :^)

    Love to you
    x Ariane.

  5. I think that bears might be your companion animal and maybe you should have them with you at all times, though invisible to others. I think that the qualities of 'bear' might be those that you might cultivate and embrace. To maybe look at bear qualities in a different celebratory light. When I see this fabulous sketch, I imagine you in it now (though you can't be seen!) Love the lines here Patrice! See you tomorrow for a drawing challenge theme. Hugs (bear hugs kind of), Norma, x

  6. I have always found bears following me as well- I imagine they are humorous and happy but prone to feeling grumpy as well- perhaps habits we all have living on this planet :)

  7. I know those bears, although I've sometimes mistaken them for mind ghosts. I'll try to see them as Ariane says, not being afraid of them every time they cross my path. Maybe get to know them better and turn them into some kind of friends. Might take a few more years though.

    You've made a very beautiful drawing. And I would not be afraid if I met your bear, I'd only be focusing on the soft pencil lines. Maybe because all our individual bears are invisible as threats to others. Which takes me back to the thought of mind ghosts again... So, to all of us: Don't give up the fight, we'll beat them eventually! I believe age itself will make us more fearless?


  8. Or maybe I misunderstood you? Is the bear the friend which will follow you back to your inner strength and laughter? The opposite of a threatening mind ghost.

    Interesting to think of your post in two different ways. The 'bear' as a threath or as a saviour. I like the duality.

  9. I hope you only meet friendly bears on your way!!!
    love your drawing so much! mano

  10. A beautifully drawn bear shows you know them well Patrice they not always to be feared but respected nevertheless. Have a great week! Helen :)