drawing challenge: Little Red Riding Hood

ok, Little Red Riding Hood, and I am not even particularly fond of that fairy tail
I like the characters and the setting in which it happens, a forest
and I love wolves and see the wolf more as a companion than a threat
ánd I have always wanted a cape like that, with such a lovely large hood
I made a linocut of a forest, with a shining full moon
and pen drawings that I reduced and cut out
my version
my first illustration for this children's story

for more versions of Little Red Riding Hood see:

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ok, Roodkapje, en ik ben zelfs niet eens bijzonder dol op dat sprookje
ik hou van de personages en de omgeving waar 't zich afspeelt, een bos
en ik hou van wolven en zie de wolf meer als een gezel dan een bedreiging
én ik heb altijd zo'n cape gewild, met zo'n prachtige grote capuchon
maakte ik een linosnede van een bos met een stralende volle maan
en pentekeningen die ik heb verkleind en uitgeknipt
mijn versie
mijn eerste illustratie voor dit kinderverhaal

28 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik vind hem super mooi! Het ziet naar zoveel werk uit! En ik vind het mooi dat de wolf en roodkapje zelf zo licht van kleur zijn, alleen haar rode cape is fel. Echt heel mooi!

  2. she is so pretty, and so is your forest, and so is your wolf...!
    but i think i am baffled by your linocut. most brilliant!

  3. Gorgeous Woodcut.
    And a very adventurous Red Riding Hood!

  4. Those trees! Such depth in that forest. Your wolf and girl beautifully drawn.
    Such a fun theme.
    And I just noticed that moon!

  5. Heb laatst een silhouet van roodkapje getekend. Dit voor mijn 365 dagen project. Mooi, ik kom even via Celine een kijkje nemen.

  6. I hoped for a happier fate for the Wolf - I love your relief print combined with the cut-outs. A good likeness to the Red Hooded inspiration girl in your previous post. Thanks for this theme, Patrice! -sus

  7. This full shining moon, wow,
    dearest Patrice,
    your linocut of the wood is just great!
    And its a pretty perky Red Riding Hood and a hunky wolf, very well drawn!

    Thank you for this fabulous theme. I have still the feeling that I'm not ready with it...
    xo Ariane.

  8. This is a very grown up version, the red hooded woman with a woolf beeing her friend - very well drawn and a phantastic linocut wood!!!!
    xoxo Barbara

  9. You've made a gorgeous illustration. I love your mixed technique. And actually the two of them give me a feeling of a rendez-vous, she has a safe air and the woolf seems to be smiling. Or maybe this is just me looking for a version of the fairytale without brutality and fear ;)

    I believe I'll be hosting us next week? And I hope the participants will find their way my word which will be presented tomorrow (I'm quite looking forward to new drawings...). Thank you for finding a great theme for this week!


  10. wauw,
    weer prachtige illustraties hier bij jou
    lieve patrice

  11. Hi! Its not my favourite either but it has been fun to try and find out an illustration for it...
    I love the forest and the clipped out figures idea! Really good Patrice : )

  12. Just beautiful! and I love how you explain yourself- it makes so much sense to me, of course the wolf is a companion and who wouldn't want a cape like that and those woods are just gorgeous!
    I think the story should be re written !

  13. my talented friend!
    i love your illustration, the mix!
    and she looks a little bit like you!?
    can't wait to see more!
    love+hugs julia

  14. I really like the mix of the illustration with the lino print background and the grown up feel to the overall look. Really nice work I like it a lot :)

    PS: I put my post up got some time this afternoon to work on it.

    Have a good week

    Helen x

  15. i love them both dear Patrice,
    but especially a wolf to love
    i had a book when i was little
    about a wolf who visited some eskimo children one night
    and he was kind and good
    and i loved that someone had finally redressed the balance.

  16. your linocut and the cut out characters are so beautiful! wish to see more!! :-) mano

  17. dear Patrice, i want to wander in that forest! it's sublime,
    your illustration make me think of art deco illustrations and it would work as a pop-up too,
    i always adore the soberness in your work, serenity is a better word maybe,

    thanks for a great theme, i'm gonna make my tour through the other forests now, always so busy and working during the weekend but i found some time now, have a lovely week xx

  18. WOW! amazing pop up fairy tale!
    I will let u know when the wolf arrive on my page!

  19. Jeetje,Patrice wat is dit mooi gedaan!! Volgens mij moet jij een eigen verhaal gaan schrijven en in deze vorm laten zien.
    Goh,zo mooi gedaan die bomen (omgezet van je foto's in lino)
    xxx Ingrid

  20. Hello Patrice!
    Finally, my post is up!
    Wonderful to be back, thank you!

  21. Your Little Red Ridinghood is so wonderful, I want to cry, almost. I have a thing about this fairy tale, not that I love the story, as you yourself says, but what is in it. I love the pictures that can be made, more than the story. If you visit my blog, you will find a post about the story in the "most red blogposts"

  22. hello, my friend!
    what an atmosphere!
    and it´s you :) definitely you!

    been working. from morning till night
    and sometimes during the night too.
    been the worst blogger ever.
    and a very tired granny.

    hi little red ridinghood,
    can you soon visit this granny
    who lives here in the middle of the woods?
    maybe a bottle of vine, perhaps?

  23. hih-hii,
    we were visiting each other at the same time, i think :)

  24. fabulous!
    i have a fondness for wolves also, even thought about studying them after high school
    love the cut out presentation.
    xo, j

  25. I love that it looks like theatre! A special ambience and mood in it, some kind of unreal. I really could imagine to watch a play with that stage.
    Well, I ENJOYED that theme, dear Patrice, thank you!

  26. Patrice that linocut is to swoon over. Just fabulous. I can imagine that you could use that again and again in many ways. It's just so strong. Love this. Doesn't wolf look so calm and happy. He looks like a kind wolf. And that pop of red. WOW. This is so delightful. Thank you for this great theme. I was late but oh how much I enjoyed it! *smiles* Norma, x