drawing challenge: state of mind

about 1,5 weeks ago I read this phrase or quote in a story by Simone
and that is exactly how it is for me
ik doe maar wat - I do but what
én mijn uiterste best - ánd my utmost

I know Simone since day 1 of the Art Academy
and I love the way she describes her daily life
with light self-mockery and wonder
she is an artist and this phrase could be 
one of her Terloopse Zinnen - Casual Phrases
I made it into a linocut on A4 paper

you can find more participants and their state of mind at Elisabeth

zo'n 1,5 week geleden las ik deze zin of quote in een verhaal van Simone
en zo is het precies voor mij
ik doe maar wat
én mijn uiterste best

ik ken Simone sinds dag 1 van de Kunstacademie
en ik hou van de manier waarop ze haar dagelijkse leven beschrijft
met lichte zelfspot en verwondering
ze is kunstenaar en deze zin zou 
één van haar Terloopse Zinnen kunnen zijn
ik maakte er een linosnede van op A4 papier

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een super zin, echt geweldig! mooi geprint. leuk blog trouwens van Simone en goed geschreven ook!

  2. surprisingly energetic lino-cut, both in words and in colour. there's nothing, not a thing, we can do more but our utmost. and i sense you are doing that. all the time.
    then again, at times, we don't have to do, nothing at all! ;)))

    thank you for pointing out that book (belevingswereld) to me. as i was drawing i was reminded of it, but i couldn't for the life of me track it back down via google, for my search terms just could not pick it up.
    i remember glancing at that book in the bookshop and laughing out loud, in places....

    hope you are fine, love?

    1. well...
      there's also this ... next weekend's challenge!...
      ayaya - ooy! ;)))

  3. I like the simplicity. The essence of the message and the clarity of the post.


  4. Fabulous words. Beautifully brought into shape.
    And many thanks for introducing Simone, her artwork is a pleasure!

    Herzliche Grüße

  5. these words, linocut, in red so pure say it all, we can do no more than our utmost, as long as we keep doing that something good will come from that sooner or later, i'll keep this beautiful sentence and image in mind, xx

  6. Very true sentiments and a goal I think to keep you state of mind aligned with it.
    I always love how to the point your work is- so confident and honest :)

  7. Beautiful lettering Patrice skillfully executed as well. Not an easy thing to do. I really enjoy the simplicity of the red lettering on plain background. A poignant message as well.

    Love it!

    Helen :)

  8. Dear Patrice,
    first, I adore your linocut. Those typo is beautiful, the colour, I love that the length of the 'j' and the highs of the 'b' projects in the line. So you build a figure, a written symbol.
    Then, I have to confess, that I don't understand the message... why 'but'?
    I will move it in my head and heart.

    x Ariane.

    1. Oh, thank you, dearest Patrice,
      now I got it :)