drawing challenge: shelter

dear Renilde is our host this week with shelter

I've been thinking a lot about the theme this week
shelter: a beautiful theme, but certainly not an easy one
unfortunately I had a lot of headaches again
then I prefer to lay my head in my arms
be carried and taken care of
and shelter in my bed

etching with drypoint, size 6x6cm, on handmade paper

what I particularly like about the drawing challenge is
that every time again I am challenged
this week, for the first time in yéars, I was busy with etching
and I loved it!

*  *  *  *

ik heb veel gedacht aan het thema van deze week
shelter-schuilplaats: een mooi thema, maar zeker niet makkelijk
helaas had ik weer veel hoofdpijn
dan wil ik het liefst m'n hoofd neerleggen in mijn armen
gedragen worden en verzorgd
en beschutting vinden in mijn bed

ets met droge naald, afmeting 6x6cm, op handgeschept papier

wat ik zo bijzonder vind aan de drawing challenge is
dat ik elke keer weer wordt uitgedaagd
zo was ik deze week, voor het eerst in járen, bezig met etsen
en ik genoot!

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Patrice,
    your etching makes me wanna to caress it, its beautiful! Even your words.
    Sweet drawing... wonderful handmade paper...
    'hands'... through this dc I've learned that hands are very importend for shelter... and for consolation.

    Take care, my friend... get well.
    x Ariane.

  2. lieve Patrice, ik hoop dat je hoofdpijn weg is,
    your sweet, right to the point etch on beautiful paper is what shelter looks like to me too, round,
    circular, encircling, maybe that's because we all started being in that warm, softness of our mother's womb, or because we live thanks to and with sun and moon and stars, and the turning of seasons,

    thanks so much for participating in spite of headache, xx

  3. I hope you'll feel better soon dear Patrice
    your etching is beautiful, soft, emotional
    the most tender shelter I could think of

  4. So sorry that you have been suffering with headaches.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Your beautiful etching makes me want to curl up inside of it.
    It's perfect.

  5. yes, i do think you have shown us this cury feeling before, and despite the nasty headaches i find it very you, somehow. may you soon be released from the pains.
    this little beautiful pressed / etched item is just so powerful!

  6. To take shelter in bed is now and then the only thing to do. I really hope you ar better now.And your etching is beautiful..

  7. Ah, etching! What a grand way to make an image! You have rendered shelter down to its essence, Patrice. Spare and lovely. My sympathies to you regarding the headaches. I was once plagued by migraine - miserable. Hugs, sus

  8. Dear Patrice I like your soft subtle etching a lot and it corresponds so wonderful with paper! Sorry for your headache - I had the same problem this week ( and very often) , guess it was the weatherturn. Hope you feeling better now!
    Your sister in pain Barbara

  9. Wat een prachtige tekening, hij is zo kwetsbaar, ik vind hem echt heel mooi. En ik wil je bedanken voor je kommentaar op mijn laate post, dankjewel! Ik hoop dat je je iets beter voelt nu...

  10. very touching - I hope you feel better now!

  11. so beautiful you make this headache look...I hope you find shelter from it's grip and are back to yourself soon!

  12. Patrice Im really sorry to hear about your headaches migraine? they are nasty things but good can come from bad right? and this is good. Its really beautiful subtle with delicate lines Im happy that you discovered etching again these DCs give purpose to our creative endeavors.

    I hope you have a headache free week

    Helen x

  13. Oh Patrice, these delicate lines speak lovingly to those seeking shelter. I hope you are feeling better today. Hugs and best wishes to you. xo Carole

  14. Beautiful and touching work Patrice. So very lovely. I hope this week and the weeks to come are headache free.

  15. this drawing does look
    like a shelter, in lines
    structure and color,
    so beautiful

    happy new year to you, dear patrice,
    let there be more challenges and more
    discoveries in the future and thank you
    for being here