drawing challenge: willow

the theme of this week, chosen by CAROLE
brings me back in time
back to the first house where we lived together
the house where our oldest was born
it stood in a suburb of Rotterdam
overlooking an old winding road with willows
old pollard willows
on the edge of a ditch

that's what i wanted to draw
with the atmosphere of today
a gray and hazy day with milky sunlight
and so i did
with indian ink on two sheets of tracing paper
i stucked the drawing on the window
and photographed

for more willows see CAROLE

19 opmerkingen:

  1. This are really wonderful drawings with ink - and a great idea with the two drawings on tracing paper
    the depth is very impressive ..
    greetings and have a wonderful weekend

  2. Mmmmm......lovely work, Patrice! Your idea of sticking the drawings on the window to photograph was brilliant. Happy weekend to you. xo Carole

  3. the willows look really mystically - good idea to draw them on tracing paper and stuck it on the window - so they are really in a milky light.
    have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Beautiful drawings, so fab. Hugs Annette x

  5. Mmmmm - such a memory, Patrice. Lovely capture in black and white.
    xxoo, sus

  6. This drawing is STRONG Patrice!! And that moon. Oh look at that moon. I hope you frame these. Such stunning work you do. I love the simplicity of the tools you used for mark making. Bamboo for willow. Sounds like a haiku. Let's see if it leads anywhere here...
    Bamboo stick
    Flowing ink rain
    A picture under the full moon

    Love you, N, xo

  7. clever! oh, you are a true artist, you do willow in mirror too...! i am always amazed by reflections, i don't do them, see? ha ha ha.. i mean, i reflect, but not in my drawings...
    patrice, schoon, jong! zo hollands. en ook belgisch. ;)))
    ze lijken wel geknipt uit mijn geheugen....
    ik hou zo van je authenticiteit en van je verlangen...

  8. ja ik herken ze ook,
    and i see the moon, on tracing paper, i'm totally drawn into your landscape and mood, the reflections in the cold water, the undeniable presence of the willows, you do magic with black and white(and tracing paper) xx

  9. in the suburb of Rotterdam? Grappig, ik woon in Rotterdam :-)
    Mooi effect met de blur op de achtergrond!

  10. A really wonderful drawing with a calm atmosphere.
    What a silent Sunday

  11. There is something about the fluidity of the ink that especially evokes willow. Lovely memories and a charming picture. Cindi

  12. Well done! You captured that dull grey milky winter atmosphere and I love the reflection on the water.

  13. Dear Patrice, sweet friend,
    I am delighted with your ink drawing! Wondering about the soft focus on the left which opens a grand space... really great.
    With the pale sun and the reflections in the water... oh, I feel the boggy ground.
    And, something else makes me happy... that you do some similar what you wanted with the moon...with tracing paper... photographed with frontlighting, marvellous.

    xo Ariane.

    Oh, and... THUIS! Its fantastic... the lino cut... fine deal.. free coffee.

  14. Wow! Look at this amazing 3D-effect! Great and tricky to draw on different sheets of paper to get this foggy mood and intensify foreground and background impression by layering! I'm deeply impressed, it's just great!

  15. very beautiful, I really like them! en vooral de herinneringen, mij valt het heel erg op deze keer bij dit thema; wilgen maken herinneringen los.... ik vind je tekeningen prachtig!

  16. Oh what beautiful drawings Patrice... and then genius work to photograph them together on a window. Stunning... simply stunning!

  17. wow, great drawings!!!
    x Stefanie

  18. I'm fascinated by your drawing - wonderful!! I love indian ink.
    :)) mano

  19. beautiful - i'd like to walk right through it