drawing challenge: the moon

the moon, my friendly companion
in the evening and night
who travels with me and winks at me

what i wanted to make was a paper cutout of multiple layers
the moon cutout and provided with tracing paper
then photographed with light from behind
i can see it, but....
then came the headaches
therefore it became a quick drawing on the blackboard
also fine!

and also very nice are you all!!
all you challenge participants
thank you for joining and sharing!

Susan, Nadine, Renilde, Stefanie, Julia (maybe),
Mano, Norma, Kristen, Jen Conway (welcome!),
Ariane, Emily, Barbara, Céline, Rachel,
Carole, Cally (welcome!), Nelleke (welcome!), 
Tania and Ritva


Patrice A.

29 opmerkingen:

  1. Also fine indeed :-) It looks fascinating with the textures and nice to see her grow! I hope you are feeling better already. Thanks for counting me in!

  2. Super leuk! Ik kon niet zien hoe je het had gemaakt, dus het was een verassing om de uitleg te lezen, ik had het krijt niet herkend! dus super! en helemaal geweldig vind ik die laatste foto, haha, het universum, maar dan klein. Heel mooi gedaan!

  3. Wauw, knap gedaan Patrice! Dat had ik helemaal niet door dat het met krijt gemaakt was. Bedankt voor de gelukwensen ivm mijn Etsyshop! Nu de jouwe nog! :-)

  4. onzettend prachtig weer,
    wens je een heel mooie weekend,


  5. dear Patrice, the texture of your growing moon is fascinating, like felt very stretched, and than to see it's a drawing on a blackboard.
    i like the idea you have with cut outs and tracing paper, maybe we see that one later,
    hope you feel better soon, xx

  6. Fantastic idea! And I love how you managed to draw the rough surface of the moon!! Simple and beautiful!
    I'm late this week, but I'll do my moon today, so you may still count me in, please. ;-)

  7. I´m sorry to read about your headaches, I hope you feel good today!
    Your moon is a beauty, it´s great to follow the different phases.
    x Stefanie

  8. are you feeling better?
    hope so!
    i can see you are good companions, you and the moon :)
    a great portrait!
    super huge hug!

  9. The moons you have shared are beautiful! I too hope you are feeling better...wish I could have joined in the challenge this week...but too many personal challenges stood in my way. Your beautiful moons have made me smile. Thank you.

  10. your moons are just so. perfect on blackboard, I think. the moon must be smiling at you, that you have captured her so we...

  11. Love all the phases captured like time stop frames!
    Hope the head aches less.

  12. Patrice, you achieved different layers than what you envisioned but this moon is gorgeous! This was a great drawing challenge. xo Carole
    PS: Thanks for showing us your set up too.

  13. I love your moon mystery works and the process is wonderful, too! Thank you x Leena

  14. I thought I was looking at stitching, Patrice, these delicate marks becoming the moon before our eyes, so beautiful. I wish you healing from headaches - and a wonderful weekend.
    Thanks for the moon challenge, great fun. -sus

  15. Dear Patrice your drawing is great such a haptic appeal, very delicate!
    Hope you're feeling better! As I'm suffering of headaches very often I know how terrible it is - get well soon. I think its because of the crazy weather.
    xxx BarbaraBee

  16. this is really fantastic! I'm so impressed!
    :)) mano

  17. Dear Patrice,
    I love your waxing moon... momentary... made with crayon... Tadaaa! an Patrice-like artpiece! Again you create basic... central... prime art, even when you are pained by headaches... wow!

    Hope your pain is waning and New Moon tomorrow will bring back lightness to you

    ... and maybe you make your paper cutout...

    Thank you for this wonderful theme!

    xo Ariane.

  18. Thanks Patrice! I love your chalk drawing, it's beautiful. I hope you're feeling better :)

  19. the light on this is stunning! and surprising too to learn it was chalk. I especially like the set up photo at the end- made me laugh :)
    Hope your head feels better!

  20. hey, patrice...! it's so so beautiful...! poetic and delicate...:)mmmmmm...

  21. my word! do you mean quick drawing? ;)))
    fascinating how the moon grows, very symbolic, and very breath taking.
    and poetic for the action shared.
    and perfectly round!!
    wow, what a moon.
    hope you beat the headache though...

  22. dear patrice, i have missed
    to many beautiful words and pictures here..

    love your linocuts as well as this
    moon!, seems like thousands of
    wool strings before reading the
    whole story

    and i hope you feel better

  23. zo mooi in alle eenvoud Patrice, hoop dat je gauw beter bent, liefs

  24. Beautiful and poignant.

    Hope you're feeling better.