drawing challenge 104: proverb or saying

there are so many fine sentences that i would like to quote
but i chose this one
Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder
because of the word wonder
the wonder of life, such as
the metamorphosis 
of my sons, from boy to man
or the opening of the flower bud of a peony
just the wonder 
of everyday

linocut on handmade paper, embroidered

all participants of this challenge are:
Kristen, Frau Wien, Ariane, Kim, Norma, Renilde,
Céline, Julia, Joanne, Barbara, Nadine, Stefanie,
Roberto, Emily, Susan, Tatjana, Citlali, Mano,
Demie, Cindi, Olga, Helen, Carole, Sabine,
Tammie Lee, Tania and sweet Jazzy Jasmin!

spreekwoord of gezegde

er zijn zo veel mooie zinnen die ik zou willen citeren 
maar ik koos voor deze
Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder
vanwege het woord wonder, verwondering
het wonder van het leven, zoals
de metamorfose 
van mijn zonen, van jongen naar man
of het openen van de bloemknop van een pioenroos
gewoon het wonder 
van alle dag

31 opmerkingen:

  1. so beautiful!
    what a sentence - I just agree.
    And I love that woman with the wings, the material and all, and the way she is standing there.
    thanks for the theme and for hosting
    have a great weekend
    x Stefanie

  2. I love this saying and your illumination of this winged wonder. THank you for an inspiring prompt this week.

  3. WONDERful! the sentence, the typewritten text and most notably your beautiful woman with wings. I love this very much!
    thank you for this great theme! mano

  4. Wow the juxtaposition of the heavier linocut impression with the fine line of the thread/black against white with white again on top...is fabulous. This is so fabulous Patrice. I feel like she could fly off the page at any moment and love this tension. What the image does from my eye to my brain is great. When I 'see' movement in art where there really is no movement just fascinates me no end. I enjoyed this theme very much and thank you for hosting it!! Norma, xo

  5. What wonderful words to keep remember throughout the days. They look beautiful typed out on the little piece of paper. AND THE ARTWORK!!! - divine. Truly lovely. THe hard black line with the soft white stitches is so very beautiful. I love all the white in this piece. THanks for hosting this week Patrice.

  6. Yes, 'wonder' is a magical part of being!
    your piece is wonder-full! I love the wings, and that they are stitched in place is quite special to see.

    Thank you for being our lovely host.

  7. Ah wings!
    And very special words.
    I do love your work so very much.

  8. patrice
    wat hou ik van je werk
    van je kunst
    fijne weekend!

  9. we schould try, dear Patrice, to put on our wings and feel light and see the wonder just happening before our very eyes.
    how beautiful the contrast between the dark lines of the woman carrying the weight of gloomy thoughts, vulnerable she's standing there but the wings make the difference, they make the picture hopefull and light.
    it's a joy to look at this piece.
    thanks for hosting a great theme, xx

  10. fantastic Patrice simple and compelling I really like it a lot. I finally got mine done oh well as the saying goes "better late than never" :))

  11. just ♥wonder♥ful

    tatjana ♥

  12. You chosed such a wonderful quote, so true and I really love your artwork with it, the outlines and the delicate fairy wings to fly with. Pure beauty.

  13. It's a wonderful quote Patrice
    and I like the way you enunciate it with your art work

  14. oooh that's a really good quote! I write it down so I remember it. Love the image you made to it!

  15. dear Patrice, i was waiting to see
    and you took my breath away

  16. YES! I so agree and love love eb white :)
    perfectly paired with your print and the sewing wings makes me melt :)

  17. Dearest Patrice,
    maybe it is because E.B. White is even a author of childrens books... 'Stuart Little'... When I look at your wonderful artpiece I feel overwhelmed with emotions. I have your other beautiful artpiece before my very eyes... little girl with cross. Its the same depth. And the same little stitch in my heart.
    Love the lines of your naked woman, strong but open... that black against that tender white wings... mmmh that paper! Great artpiece, Dear! Just love it.

    Thank you for beeing our host, even when you are so busy at work.

    xo Ariane.

  18. It is just beautiful! These clear linocut lines combined with the embroidery ... wow!!! So much poetry also without the words, but together they are incredible! Thank you so much for showing and for giving this great theme!

  19. The magical idea of wings, and the simplicity of color and image--I really enjoyed this. WONDERful!

  20. and wonder gives one wings...
    love how you add a wink and a smile to an old and weathered piece of wisdom.
    the mystery, the magic, the wonder.
    it was such a delightful theme, patrice!

  21. The presence of wonder - yes... it reminds me of another saying: bidden or not bidden, god is present. Your piece is wonderful - spare and elegant.
    great challenge theme, patrice.
    xxoo, sus

  22. Oh, SO lovely!
    This is my favourite for today, believe me!
    The first picture made me wonder if you put real dragonfly wings on your print... amazing!

  23. Dear Patrice, a wonder can give you wings - you create a wonderful beauti.
    Thanks for your great theme.

  24. woooow, patrice, what a beauty!
    such a strong and true message!

    l o v e

  25. Hello Patrice, I've only just found your site thru my friend Joanne. Love the challenge ring she made for this and also love your winged girl. Off now to explore more of your site. :)

  26. perfectly wonderful!
    you always inspire me.
    love, j

  27. I like this very much...a woman with wings :)

  28. This is so poetic and beautiful... i love it.

    Greets, Katja