drawing challenge: fillip

this weeks theme is choosen by the talented Stefanie

fillip, in the sense of encouragement or motivation,
made me immediately think of the propaganda poster 
produced by the British government in 1939 during the
beginning of the Second World War, intended to strenghten morale

fillip, in the sense of snap of the fingers, brought me to
my favorite pen, the M10 clic of BiC, which makes a snap sound
and with which i drew my version of the Keep Calm Poster in royal blue

the word fillip reminds Stefanie of her brother Philipp
and that makes me think of mine
my brother is the one who encourages (fillips!) me for years
finally to do what i really like and love

for i am the host for the next challenge
i hope to see you on Monday evening
when i will announce a theme


fillip, in de betekenis van aansporing of motivatie, 
deed me meteen denken aan de propaganda poster
geproduceerd door de Britse regering in 1939 tijdens het
begin van de Tweede Wereldoorlog, bedoeld om het moreel te versterken

fillip, in de betekenis van een (vinger)knip, bracht me bij
mijn favoriete pen, de M10 clic van BiC, die een snap geluid maakt
en waarmee ik mijn versie van de Keep Calm Poster tekende in koninklijk blauw

het woord fillip doet Stefanie denken aan haar broer Philipp
en dat maakt dat ik denk aan die van mij
mijn broer is degene die me al jaren aanspoort (fillips!) 
nu eindelijk te gaan doen wat ik echt leuk vind en van houd

19 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Patrice, what a great post! You just made a beautiful round circle with your stories. It has everything: love and family, back to Stefanie and your artwork. It's just perfect! Love it!

  2. I too love your post! Beautiful image of long ago, and your poster among some treasures. So love it! AND your amazing pen work on the poster. Beautifully done!

  3. Smiling, Patrice! I need to remember that: KC&CO.
    xxoo, sus

  4. wondeRful woRds.
    thRee shoRt stoRies. family. and you.
    so fine.
    pleased. käthe.

  5. hee hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    patrice! this is too crazy for words!
    we thought of the SAME thing, independenty of one another. what serendipity!
    i was curious about your inkling, for you said you had an idea, and now it turns out to have the same beginning...
    oh my, i simply love the coincidence!!

    personally i hate the bics, because they invariaby bled on me.
    what you do with it is simply stunning!
    well, very well done, the blue is eccentrically right for this purpose.
    benieuwd naar je volgende thema...

  6. Dear Patrice,
    so you are close to Nadine, great!
    I love your explication, very interesting and to nice to see your brother and you at the beach, and the snap sound, this is fantastic! Thank you.
    I will be back for the next theme
    x Stefanie

  7. wow you did that poster with a bic, another evidence of your concentration and punctuality, not the smallest stain there only beautiful blue in the right places,
    funny that serendipity, love it
    and the adorable photo,
    ik kom zeker langs maandag, liefs, x

  8. as simple as beautiful. love ♥

  9. such a wonderful take on this word. so interesting to see how it inspires each person. your poster is clean and beautiful to see.

  10. I liked your three fillips.
    I think the most touching is that of your brother is lucky to have someone who gives us courage to do what we love, right?
    I congratulate you!

  11. Patrice your exact line in ink! I bow down to you. I make a mark in pencil and erase it 15 times before I get it right. Working in ink, you have to get it right the first time. And boy did you get it right. I love this. It's awesome and especially where it is placed amongst interesting perfectly wonderful things, and the royal blue takes on the hue of loud colour when juxtaposed in the mix of earth browny tones. Great work!! N, x

  12. I like your trace of thought Patrice!

    coming back later this evening

  13. I love how you connect the dots here! and bring it all together with warmth and precision ;)just beautiful your poster and that photo kills me- so damn cute!

  14. Wow, your artwork! So perfect, I thought it was printed! Had to look twice to realise you really did that with a pen! Amazing! And your photo is sooo supercute!

  15. You have a great "fillip" as a brother, very wise! I love your way you deal with the subject and the result is amazing! I'm looking forward to the next challenge! Love, Meike

  16. Dearest Patrice,
    I admire how you draw this... so fitting... epigram. Fitting because of to survive dire straits.
    And then, Hon, its as I can feel your stroke... softly, energetic, exactly, so bic blue :) and: calm.
    (Do you remeber the dc No. 26... theatre? There I've drawn with a bic, and I remember how surprisingly happy I was drawing with it)

    I am very lucky with my sister, but as a little girl I'd like to have an older brother, too. You lucky duck :)

    You know, I am in for your theme, right?

    Hugs and kisses

  17. wow! with just a bid pen!
    you're amazing.
    and I love the photo; plaid, little dog appliqué and those knees!
    love, j

  18. silly spell check, I think you know I meant Bic pen.

  19. Dear Patrice, I can't believe that you draw this with a pen. I'm laying here flat on my nose waving laolas of admiration. WOW!
    And I love also the story around and this cute, cute picture of your smart brother and that wonderful arrangement. Sigh.