drawing challenge: garland

this week's theme, GARLAND, was chosen by tinywoolf NADINE

my first thought on this subject was miss Judy
and knowing that a garland is a decoration
which can be hung around a person's neck
i made this: a golden beewax garland
and yes, i made some candles too

mijn eerste gedachte bij dit thema was miss Judy
en wetende dat een garland een versiering is
die rond iemands nek kan worden gehangen
maakte ik dit: een gouden garland van bijenwas
en ja, ik maakte ook enkele kaarsen

23 opmerkingen:

  1. Wasn't she beautiful?!
    I remember making candles in junior school :)
    Great DC P
    And my parcel arrived this morning - I only just opened it!
    Thank you!!

  2. what a great idea!
    warm greetings from Paris.

  3. oh, i love how creative you were with this.
    such a lovely photo of Judy and her beeswax necklace!
    i love the scent of beeswax, one of my favorites.

  4. Miss Garland with beewax necklace, how wonderful! I love your post:) Leena

  5. my word!
    kogh... simply amazing...
    this ain't double dutch, no pun intended.
    it is pure and clear.
    geweldig, echt geweldig.
    bedankt om te spelen en om zo fantastisch creatief te zijn..

  6. oh your endless imagination to turn something common into something else, something special, something you keep looking at, beautiful soft golden glow, xx

  7. Like your idea with Judy and the garland :)

  8. wonderful Patrice, a garland for Judy and you took wax, this is so exciting!
    x Stefanie

  9. Hi Patrice, this is totally awesome, a perfect glamorous necklace-garland - I wish I would have come of with such a great idea. Brillant.
    Hugs Barbara Bee

  10. ha! i love this clever twist! ahhh judy....listening to her sing christmas songs just yesterday...sends me to a fuzzy warm place :)
    your wax dots are so elegant!

  11. The most elegant garland one could think of! Great idea! :o)

  12. This is really lovely and "modern" in a way I'm not sure how else to describe what I mean...the wax a medium- really great! love your work always!

  13. oh I love a beautiful double entendre!

  14. Patrice - Haven't thought of this talented woman in years; thanks for reminding me of her. Love the use of wax, very clever and unusual.

  15. What a wonderful idea. I love the smell of the beewax. And beauty Judy.
    - Lucia

  16. Well done and great interpretation. :)

  17. Ik kan alleen maar zeggen: prachtig! Het past zoooo goed bij die foto! echt heel mooi!

  18. Hi Patrice! Judy was one of a kind. Such talent. Such natural beauty. She is a shining star always. Thank you for reminding me of her. The necklace of wax baubles you have placed around her is exquisite. Really a beautiful tribute. Best wishes to you, Norma, x

  19. Garland's garland has a bee's kiss. I like it!

  20. I clap my hands, dearest Patrice, delighted!
    Oh, Judy's garland from wax pearls is just beautiful and one of a kind... great.

    Love xo Ariane xx

  21. haha, garland with a garland! great idea and so funny!
    :-) mano