drawing challenge: swanlights

the word swanlights, the theme of this week
the foggy mysterious image Stefanie showed on her blog
together with the white painting and the voice of Antony Hegarty

the dead of the brother of my best friend
and the ceremony last Monday on a beautiful quiet autumn day
the word swanlights present in the background

when the temperature drops our little tree is blooming
white blossoms on a gray cold day
my swanlights

theme chosen by Stefanie
our tree is a prunus subhirtella autumnalis

17 opmerkingen:

  1. that's pretty sad, so sorry, patrice.
    soms is dat lastig, dat komen en gaan, in de herfst kan dat beide louterend en zeer pijnlijk zijn.
    je hebt een mooie stemmingsfoto erbij gemaakt... dat tere licht.

  2. how lovely
    your swan lights are flower blossoms
    life is such a mix, light, shadow, death, rebirth, winter....

  3. The open swan lights are beautiful. The thought about them is beautiful. The funeral on a cold fall day was lightened by the swan lights quietly opening. *hugs to you* Norma, x

  4. Hi Patrice, I'm sorry you've had a sad passing. Your swanlights are beautiful. I love the idea of that word Swanlights! It's a beautiful word. I wish I knew more about your challenge. Maybe I'll try to follow your links and find out. :)

  5. Dear Patrice, my sympathy and a hug to comfort you and your friend in this sad time. Beautiful and tender photos, reminding me of the fragility and brevity of life. In peace, sus

  6. Dear Patrice,
    this white blossoms are hope, like swans in the dark. I love them. I wish you light and hope.

  7. Such a sad posting...it's magical how nature gives comfort this way, shows it's beauty, sends swanlights in dark moments...hugs to you and your friend, Patrice.

  8. The quality of the light matches the sadness in your heart. It's surprising for us to see flowers at this time of year. Very cold here in contrast to your weather. My condolences to your brother (and you) and to the friend's family on their loved one's passing.

  9. Your wonderful photos really speak to me and represents perfectly what evokes by the theme swanlights. So sorry for you and your best friend about this hurtful loss, but maybe we should see it as he went to the swanlights were everything is fine blue and light and he is floating with all these white wonderful blossoms, feeling light, easy and safe and loved.
    A special big hug to you, dear Patrice
    barbara bee

  10. I met several people who use to listen to A.s music and who miss someone. (me, too)
    Dear Patrice, your pictures are hopeful, nature is both, life and death and it´s the circle and we are only human and that´s it. Thank you for sharing your sadness. You always touch me, sister!
    x Stefanie

  11. Your words are so sad, the pictures beautiful as always. The same feeling I got with the word "swanlight". Veel sterkte gewenst lieve Patrice!

  12. So magical! and just when you need it right! some life in the midst of passing- a beautiful symbol I think the universe has given you- big hug!

  13. Dearest Patrice,
    so thoughtful your words and poetical
    you find solace in the blossoms
    like spring in the dark
    your little swanlights.


    Thank you, Dear, and all the best for you and your friend.
    xoxx Ariane.

  14. patrice, ik denk dat jij hiermee overweg kan, op patrice's wijze...?
    the new drawing challenge theme is up.
    we'd love to have you, obviously.

  15. Hello Patrice, your words and your photos are all feeling, it came to my heart.

  16. wonderful swanlights - in due time!
    ♥ mano

  17. nature's quiet, spectacular consolation . . .