outside it's gray, grey, chilly and wet
outside and within
rhythm and patterns that recur
every year
no, this is not my favorite time of the year

i make my little portraits with brush and ink
but am not satisfied
i haven't found my way yet
but when i thoughtlessly work wet-in-wet
her face appears and i have to smile


buiten is het grauw, grijs, kil en nat
buiten en van binnen
ritme en patronen die terugkeren
elk jaar
nee, dit is niet mijn favoriete tijd van het jaar

ik maak m'n kleine portretten met penseel en inkt
maar ben niet tevreden
ik heb mijn manier nog niet gevonden
maar wanneer ik gedachteloos nat-in-nat werk
verschijnt haar gezicht en moet ik glimlachen

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Finding your way...yes- take some time and let dissatisfaction move through you and not linger.
    What your making is emerging and that always takes effort - stepping back the work is lovely and poignant- keep going!

  2. hang on dear Patrice, the days are getting longer and thin crocus leaves are peeping through.
    my windows looked like crying all day long but inside it's nicely warm and i painted too listenenig to music

    your drawings look promising, you're looking for a way, searching, all part of the process when
    you're trying something else, you'll get there, xx

  3. And I love the grey - but not these persistent grey skies and rain.
    Oh if only it would snow or something - I know just how you feel...

  4. Strong verse Patrice, catches the mood here, too.

  5. Wet on wet is appropriate for this time of year--doesn't it seem so? I like the grouped portraits, though your inspiration may be one you don't quite enjoy.

  6. they are great, Patrice, go on, you will see you´ll find your way, there is no final goal maybe.
    times like this belong to us...
    x Stefanie

  7. forgive me for loving your gloom, dear Patrice
    the process, and
    that top picture of random greys

  8. keep going
    they are beautiful
    and the gloom will pass

    k x

  9. Love your collection of faces, the visible process within, your different approaches coming together.
    I have two favourites, but I won't tell you, to not influence your process. ;-)
    Keep going, you're already on your way!

    Not my favourite season either. Desperately waiting for spring...

  10. Not being satisfied is a good way for aspiration, dear Patrice. Please, keep it up!
    I am in love with your kleine portretten. Some of them looks familiar to me, like the 'Greta Garbo' on the bottom right. Do you use photos as a template? The portrait of the boy with cap is touching! and the red face... Gosh! alive!

    xox x Ariane.

  11. she is a beauty, patrice

    i have the same feeling about
    staying in one style, finding it..
    but sometimes there is a moment
    of magic, and maybe it is all about
    this moment. !you've captured one
    for sure!

  12. Dit is ook niet mijn favoriete tijd van het jaar. Gelukkig is de zon er wel af en toe, van vorig jaar herinner ik me alleen grijze wolken..