project 2014

i admire Stefanie's beautiful 2013 agenda, Barbara's collage-project
and Kristen's disposable drawings, as she calls them
and i really like the portraits of Marlene Dumas
all this adds up to my 2014 project:
east indian ink, water, watercolor and only one brush
on small leftover pieces of paper
working fast so i will not be tempted to make them perfect  ;^))

the model i have used for the faces comes from the
2010 spring/summer catalog of mina perhonen

ik bewonder Stefanie's 2013 agenda, Barbara's collage-project
en Kristen's wegwerp tekeningen, zoals zij ze noemt
en ik hou erg van de portretten van Marlene Dumas
dit alles heeft geleid tot mijn 2014 project:
oost Indische inkt, water, waterverf en slecht één penseel
op kleine reststukken papier
snel werkend zodat ik niet in de verleiding kom ze perfect te maken  ;^))

het model dat ik heb gebruikt voor de gezichten komt uit de
2010 lente/zomer catalogus van mina perhonen

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  1. oooh I admire those projects too! Maybe I start one next year, I want to but I don't think I can keep it up...maybe something small. Good luck to your project, it already looks great and I can't wait to see more!!! i want to to something with ink now too, haha!
    En marlene dumas' werk is echt geweldig...

  2. BANG!
    You start 2014 with a great fanfare, dear Patrice! Wonderful, beauuutiful paintings!


  3. that sounds like a wonderful personal project.
    fun to see each piece!

  4. So beautiful. And I love this line: "working fast so i will not be tempted to make them perfect." !

  5. leuke project!
    snel en niet perfect. maar onzettend mooi!

  6. It's so lovely to see your work Patrice - in all it's stages.
    A great project!!

  7. Hi Nadine, thank you so much for your kind words! I feel a littlebit blushed, but if my project was an inspiration just for one person to try one for yourself, then I did a good job, right?
    I'm so glad that you're doing this project now and I think its a good idea to do something quick to avoid to much critical thinking. I like what I'm seeing and be so curious to see how it will develope over the year! Well done and good luck with it!
    Barbara Bee
    Not only Nadine and I fell from the couch, but Ariane and whats most important Kristen fell of her couch too!! Hihi
    Maybe a good new theme for a dc: What make YOU fall of your couch?
    Have a nice weekend and see you on the dc

  8. What an excellent personal challenge, Patrice. I look forward to seeing more of these as the year progresses.

  9. well done!
    i believe we do need a focus, let it be repetition!

  10. congrats - sounds like a great idea and it does already look like!
    It´s a good way to work fast, I am happy to see this here at your place.
    And I am looking forward to see more...
    By the way, do you know Cathy Cullis? I love her use of gouache. (and her way of working each day)
    x Stefanie

  11. This is a beautiful project and a beautiful idea... I love to see where you will take it. I am thinking of trying to start a daily habit, something like a watercolor or a small drawing. I always find inspiration when I come here :) thank you.