kitchen garden 5.

after having 14 kg of plums made into pie, jam and chutney
it's now the green beans turn
green, purple, bush beans, pole beans....
and the first harvest i take to Friesland
our holiday destination
just like last year and the years before

na 14 kg pruimen te hebben verwerkt tot taart, jam en chutney
zijn nu de sperziebonen aan de beurt
groene, paarse, stambonen, stokbonen....
de eerste oogst neem ik mee naar Friesland
onze vakantiebestemming
net als vorig jaar en de jaren daarvoor

5 opmerkingen:

  1. So much own harvest in your kitchen garden. It is fun
    cooking with fresh veges but i also enjoy preserving and
    getting seed from them for next year, don't you.
    have fun in nature.
    So humid and muggy day here again. I am so looking forward
    to end the rainy season and having just dry hot days ahead.

  2. dit is geen kleine keukentuin meer! ;)))
    happy holidays, patrice... n♥

  3. Oh my all the plum talk is making me hungry- and those beans are beauties!! a favorite here too :)
    Hope you have a great holiday!!!

  4. Black beans?
    They look fantastic - congrats on the plums and commiserations on the figs....
    Have a great holiday Patrice!

  5. Beautiful photo! Nothing like fresh picked beans!