drawing challenge 149: underwear

when Stefanie announced the theme 'underwear' 
this photo was the first thing that came to mind
here is Youngest not yet a year old 
and Eldest without a diaper for the first time
both in their underwear 
spring 2001
sweet memories ....

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toen Stefanie het thema 'ondergoed' bekend maakte
was deze foto het eerste dat in me opkwam 
hier is Jongste nog geen jaar oud 
en Oudste voor het eerst zonder luier
beiden in hun ondergoed 
voorjaar 2001 

zoete herinneringen ....

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Sweet memories, oh yes. There a similar photos somewhere from my little diaperrockers long time ago... Thank you for reminding this time.

  2. Those legs, my boys were very skinny, so when I see the legs of your beautiful little boys, oh time flyes, I also remembered the time without a diaper and going with them so often to the toilet. Beatiful picture, great memory! xxjoke

  3. ahhh, such a sweet photo
    overflows with memories

  4. Aw, so sweet! Reminds me of mine...but now about 30 yrs ago...except that they were usually naked ...lol, often that was not my choice. :D

  5. how much our memories are connected to such tiny moments. the blink of an eye and still eternity. love.

  6. Yes! thinking of my own kids in underwear was high on my list this time around too- such beautiful legs right! and big boy/girl undies is such an achievement :)

  7. Cutest memories...lovely picture!! :-)

  8. Sweet photo. Wasn't it an exciting time when the youngest is out of diapers! xo Carole

  9. Sweet little girls ...great picture Patricia.
    ♥ Sabine

  10. Cute picture. Those were the days...

  11. Thank you for the nice pictures and for taking the time to show us!
    x Stefanie