drawing challenge 150: COLOR & a homage....

on tuesday sweet Rose Ariane announced the new dc theme: color

i immediately thought of gray: the color of graphite, the color of my hair  ;^))
but also a color that you encounter a lot in our house and in my wardrobe
and a gray background is perfect for all colors!
wednesday morning i read on facebook that Ariane's house was on fire
her beautiful new renovated castle, where they had just moved to
uninhabitable ....

hence the color gold as homage to Ariane
because she gives a golden lining to (among others) the drawing challenge

for more color and the links to the participants
please visit Barbara Bee, our substitute host

print made by me and available in my shop
old small coffeepot from sara pirat
a cushion that i made from a piece of fabric by Maartje van den Noort
my favorite pendant made by Wsake
the wonderful book 'Het raadsel van alles wat leeft' by Jan Paul Schutten

op dinsdag maakte Rose Ariane het nieuwe dc thema bekend: kleur

ik dacht meteen aan grijs: de kleur van een grafietpotlood, de kleur van mijn haar  ;^))
maar ook een kleur die je veel tegenkomt in ons huis en in mijn kledingkast
en een grijze achtergrond is perfect voor alle kleuren!
op woensdagmorgen las ik op facebook dat Ariane's huis in de brand stond
haar mooie nieuwe gerenoveerde kasteel, waarheen ze net was verhuisd

vandaar de kleur goud als hommage aan Ariane
omdat ze een gouden randje geeft aan (onder andere) de drawing challenge

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Patrice, you've chosen the most perfect colour for a homage to Ariane! Golden like summer sunshine.
    Thanks for all the links. Have a golden week full of creative linings! xo Carole

  2. Hi Patrice. Well done. Everyone needs a little golden colour in their lives. Lately I've been noticing Wsake jewellery. (must have been because of you. :D ) That pendant looks lovely.

  3. Nice found and a nice hommage as well. - eric

  4. When I wrote my posting tonight and asked a translator for help, I just learned about a saying:
    Every cloud has a silver lining.
    Let's say "a golden lining."
    So this is the perfect hommage, Patrice!

  5. wonderful hommage! I just looked at fb and I was horrified by arianes picture.
    what a desaster!

  6. look at that composition, to dive straight into... beautiful! and your poster is a star. loving it, patrice.
    a gold lining for our host indeed. n♥

  7. a golden shower, to wash away all the black and the grime. the shock, that must be there. even from that far, it makes me shiver. so, golden is perfect! xo annton

  8. Haha, you know already that grey is not a color neither black and white, but in a way it is of course a color and it is so YOU, what other color would reflect you and your gorgeous simple style, combined with gold for poor Rose it is pure beauty!
    Thanks for participating.
    barbara bee

  9. a beautiful composition, dear Patrice,
    how i love graphite, but not the ashes of a house fire :(
    and thank you for your comment, it means a lot
    especially at moments when one feels like giving up . . .

  10. lovely that you turned this into a beautiful and touching tribute.