drawing challenge 173: I M A G E

the drawing challenge continues! 

dear woolf Nadine's theme this week
please visit her blog for the link to the other participants

'an image is worth a thousand words'

that's the saying
but is an image still worth that much nowadays?
with its volatility and speed
all those millions of images per day on instagram only
and since a few weeks i am one of them ;^))
all the sharing and showing....
we are on a path, can we change that? 
and, do we want to change that?

all those questions in my head this week
and like Nadine i went through images
in real and on my computer
this image comes from my instagram account

fine theme and challenge
it makes me think
so.... thanXX Nadine!
and hooray! for the drawing challenge

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Love this image, Patrice! May you step forward with courage and a skip.
    So much to see distracting us from doing. At least that's what's been happening here.
    xo Carole

  2. they are questions that i ask myself. where do we go, from here? do we go anywhere? will it right itself? and if it does, into what? my guess as good as yours. so long we are wondering, perhaps, we can create...

    how nice, your insta front page (is it?). so very you, i'm glad you are standing, amidst the debris of the crazy images industry. thxs, patrice! n♥

  3. I adore your image - the arrow suggesting which way we should go.
    Should we follow?
    Your feet standing right at the edge...
    Love it :)

  4. I immediately saw the top of the arrow on my small computer screen and immediately thought a positive thought. UP. Positive. Yes, there are zillions of images so so so quickly entering our vision/brain and access to our interior selves. I too have thought a lot about the speed of things in this world of ours and I am not partial to the change(s) but then I thought that we are on a path and time does not stop and who knows where this speed thing is going but we kind of have to hold on tight. We are all in this thing together at least. I've found that personally, I can come across a ton of images in a span of time, but there are one or two or three of them that stop me and your arrow stopped me. Thank you for that. And I LOVE your shoes!! *big smiles* N, x

  5. Love it. This way up! - eric

  6. Love it. This way up! - eric

  7. yes, we are filled with images
    and information daily
    so much so that i can not take it all to heart
    an image that inspires pause and consideration is a nice thing to experience
    such as yours

  8. we live in a fast-paced time and all these many many pictures are current today - but tomorrow?
    love your picture with the signs!
    :-) mano

  9. A lot of good questions and I fear there is no right answer. No one answer fits all. We have to decide for ourself what is right and wrong, real or not and don't we do that all the time?
    barbara bee

  10. I love your image and your thoughts about "Image".

  11. Your image is perfect and I feel I am on a path ( and instagram! ) as well :D Leena

  12. Good questions about images; I've noticed other participants have brought up similar ones. How could we not, when we are literally inundated with them, as you say. Love the photograph!

  13. Ja, hooray for the drawing challenge, dear Patrice!
    Me too, going with this Q. The A for me is to find the right balance. All the images have an influence on us. Sometimes I come in a sort of rush on pinterest! I am addicted to all that attractions. I love that quick contact with you on instagram! And sometimes I have to shut my eyes. Take a deep breath... and another...

    I aspire after the right balance of life and wonder how you manage family and house and garden and job and art...?

    Big hugs my friend,