drawing challenge 174: T I N Y

sweet Tammie's theme this week
please visit her blog for the link to the other participants

all those tiny little seeds
which become the finest vegetables
in such a short time....

i made a portrait of a chard leaf
using watercolor and colored pencil

i have 'tiny' time for other things than my new job
but i will visit you all as soon as possible 

al die kleine zaadjes
die de mooiste groenten worden
in zo'n korte tijd ....

ik maakte een portret van een snijbiet blad
met aquarel en kleurpotlood

ik heb weinig tijd voor andere dingen dan mijn nieuwe baan
maar ik zal jullie allen zo snel mogelijk bezoeken

12 opmerkingen:

  1. love considering tiny seeds next to what they become
    sweet drawing of chard
    glad you found time to draw and share with us
    tiny time happens.....

  2. I love the juxtaposition of the seeds with the leaves - and the tiny holes made from tiny insects too.

  3. It is pretty amazing! I love the painting sprays of tiny dots.
    Here's to a great week at work. I hope it's going well for you.
    xo Carole

  4. These red veins in your painting are beautiful Patrice. They remind me of life's blood coursing through their path. Lovely image you've created. N, x
    p.s. congrats. on your new job!

  5. Beautiful painting Patrice! And I enjoyed your tiny postings on instagram :)
    So you have started your new job already!?
    Hope it is going well - good luck dear.

  6. I will take a tiny bit of time to say - lovely.

  7. You're so right that's amazing what grows out of those tiny seeds and I really like your pictures especially the first one, it's so reduced and very Patrice-like!
    Hope you're not to stressed out with your new job!
    barbara bee

  8. It always amazes me to see what comes from those tiny seeds - it seems like magic!

  9. The beauty of nature. Good luck with your new job! - eric

  10. Beautiful painting Patrice :)
    And I wish you a good appetite :))
    Good luck on your new job!

    Have a beautiful day

  11. i've returned to your post over and again. are you showing the actual seeds or are they tiny paper 'propjes'? please say they are propjes??
    IK HOU VAN SNIJBIET, hoor! yamm...
    enjoy your every new day in school, patrice! n♥

  12. wonderful idea! I love to eat mangold (chard?) and I love your painting of it!
    have a good time with your new job!
    :-) mano