i have 
read a lot (in the train on my way to work ;^)))
worked hard
slept little....
dreamed about linocuts
visited Delft again
laughed loudly
cried silently

these were busy months
just one more week and then i have holidays
so, so welcome

sorry for the silence
but i am still here

de laatste tijd....
heb ik
veel gelezen (in de trein op weg naar mijn werk ; ^)))
hard gewerkt
weinig geslapen....
gedroomd over linosnedes
opnieuw een bezoek gebracht aan Delft
luid gelachen
stilletjes gehuild

het waren drukke maanden
nog een week en dan heb ik vakantie
zo, zo welkom

sorry voor de stilte
maar ik ben nog steeds hier

5 opmerkingen:

  1. good luck, dear patrice! and happy holidays!
    ...and it's a beautiful picture!
    :-) mano

  2. Always good to have the holiday break to look forward to!
    Hope all is well dear.

  3. Yesterday, while I was doing a little research into playing card designs, I came across a brilliant deck made from linocuts by Cecile Jaillard and thought of you. X

  4. And still here I hope. You would be missed if you were to leave this place entirely. I do hope the holiday has brought you some quiet times x

  5. How are/were your holidays, dearest Patrice?
    I hope you enjoy the most coziest place in your mooi house with your family.
    ... and hope to 'see' you again here. Miss you!

    xo xx Ariane