drawing challenge 180: D E E R

drawing challenge 180!

the theme is chosen by Tammie
please visit her blog for the link to the other participants

my last blog was a month ago
i miss it, the blogging, the drawing challenges
and i really wanted to participate and draw
but i didn't
i watched the news.... 13.11.15....
and long for love and humanity,
friendship and warm arms
i wish the world could be as
in the stories of Toon Tellegen
although there are no deer occur in his stories ;^))
(image: my little Schleich deer)

with love

mijn laatste blog was een maand geleden
ik mis het, het bloggen, de drawing challenges
en ik wilde echt meedoen en tekenen
maar ik deed het niet
ik keek het nieuws.... 13.11.15....
en verlang naar liefde en menselijkheid,
naar vriendschap en warme armen
ik zou willen dat de wereld kon zijn als
in de verhalen van Toon Tellegen
hoewel er geen hert in zijn verhalen voorkomt  ;^))
(image: mijn kleine Schleich herten)

met liefde

4 opmerkingen:

  1. your photo is lovely
    thank you for sharing this writer, i had never heard of him
    so glad you could join us
    yes, i long for this too: long for love and humanity,
    friendship and warm arms

  2. isn't that just so? i know what you mean. words have almost no effect to the hurting going on in the world. i'm in different minds, in my head. i feel, i fear, i chose to go on, and i hope for improvement on the love front. i miss you too, x n♥ het komt wel weer, gauw. oh, en je diertjes zijn mooi. hoopvol!! is dat een ezeltje?

  3. Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging. What can be done? As for the world situation, I've been speechless myself...except I did have to write down an inspirational quote...which I actually hardly ever do, but this time it felt soothing in a time when nothing soothes. Big hugs. X

  4. Lovely picture!
    Wishing you a nice friday!