drawing challenge 189: C O C O O N

It's time for more silence.

drawing challenge 189

at the end of the winter
i long for a soft white place
to hibernate
a cocoon
in which i can curl
a safe embrace
waiting for spring
before i get out
converted and 
with wings
in the color of the sky

i used a form that i crocheted years ago
and turned it into a cocoon on a branch
the bookprinting/quote and linocut 
are works that i made earlier

please visit the blogs to the other participants:
Nadine, Barbara, Ariane, Lucia, Norma,
Leena, Sharmon, Roberto, Veronica, Tammie,
Stefanie, ManoEric and Tania

and THANK YOU all for joining!! xxx

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Your artworks work very well together the print and the cocoon and I can totally agree with your idea of hibernating and leaving the cocoon with fresh vibrant new wings. We'll do our best right?
    barbara bee
    Thanks for inviting me!

  2. patrice! je hebt me zo blij gemaakt met dit thema, and i didn't even realize it myself... it had me thinking and feeling all week. cocoon! and just now i pulled loads of blue prints from the crumbling gelli plate (but NO worries, i bought one -in leeuwarden of all places, online! - and soon i'll be well comfortable pulling big prints but anyway? blues, as a base colour for overprinting later), all while musing upon this weekend's challenge theme, and HOW I LOVE COCOONING, the sheer luxury of it!
    seriously? that crochet beauty fitted the branch! how swell, and how fitting... ah. and now for some more cocooning. thxs, sweet patrice! n♥

  3. your cocoon on a branch is lovely
    and so much like something to find in nature
    love your print too, so very beautiful to look at
    thank you for being our host
    and for your lovely message

  4. Thank you for the lovely theme and sweet and delicate interpret! xo Leena

  5. I admire your artwork so much! Your cocoon looks so natural and cozy, your words so gentle and the linocut...lovely! I managed to hop in just in time, so would you mind to still add me to the list, please? Thank you so much for this theme, it was a pleasure!

  6. Oh Patrice, how I long to wrap myself up in white silk and rest. That would be heaven. Love the image of the woman with maple key wings. That looks like me! That is me! Hey, I just remembered, at Christmas time I bought myself the most beautiful necklace form a silversmith in England. He took a real maple key, just like the one in your print, and encased in within silver. A real seed pod at the silvery heart.

    Thank you so much for being our wonderful hostess. :D Hugs.

  7. Your works fit so good together. And the branch with cocoon is special. I imagine there's a whole installation of crocheted branches! - eric

  8. This Wings would be so good for me.
    Thank you for this DC and your kind comment.

  9. Oh yeah. Watching and reading your Cocoon it cames to my mind the idea that a cocoon is "silent wait"...something will happen, an explosion of life that quietly awaits his moment. Good week for you!!!!

  10. what a wonderful work!! your winter cocoon is so soft and cozy and i love the words and your wings.
    thank you so much for your kind comment!!
    :-) mano

  11. My dear Patrice,
    this is so beautiful, so you. You show us, how 'mooi' simplicity is. Those materials, the softness of the crocheted cocoon... and then your wings, in the color of the sky. Fits so well. Love it!
    Thank you very much for hosting. It has been, no, it still is a pleasure (and a real challenge to me, I'll tell you, later), my friend.
    xoxx Ariane. Rose

  12. really very beautiful and that silence in there...
    and I see the dear Ariane in that last pic ;-)
    x Stefanie

  13. It feels so natural and meditative.