it's exactly two months ago that i posted something
.... sorry! and.... i wonder
is there someone visting me here nowadays?

i have been busy, no, i still am very busy with the job
and i will be even more busy the coming months
next to teaching i have a new additional task: 
thinking about and writing the curriculum for next year

that's why it was so quiet
i miss being here, and i realize that i have not enjoyed it enough
the years that i was working from home and had the time, so much time

you can follow me on facebook and instagram
but i am not sure if that's what i want
i loved this blog and the blogworld, so....

back to work!  
with this sentence in mind
(do not know from whom or where....)
Patrice A

'Meet yourself
where you are right now
with kindness
and patience.'

5 opmerkingen:

  1. life changes
    and changes again
    such a lovely leaf
    blogging is still my favorite of the 3, but IG is nice too.

  2. It is busy times for all of us, it seems. First there ws a lot of thinking and growing ideas and now, well Spring is doing it's job. We will all return sooner or later. I at least miss you women!

  3. Patrice! I can't tell you enough how much I understand what you wrote about not appreciating the years you worked from home! I too, seem to have no time left for anything (like my blog), and I miss it too. x

  4. a wonderful quote - so important for body and soul!
    I follow you on instagram!!
    :-) mano

  5. My Dear, I thank you for this sentence. One can 'practice' it here and now :-)
    I am busy, too, with the house moving (and the inner move) and the new rhythm of life. Same here, I didn't recognized the privilege of time, when I started blogging. Today I miss this stage! There is time for fastfood, but I have more appetite for a feast ;-)
    You have announced, that you wanna be our host... last week, ahem... sorry! Have found it today in hundreds of emails in my account, today. I try to start with the art challenge again, so do you wanna be our host this weekend or the following, dear Patrice?

    and of course: let's find a date in July :-))
    Kisses, left right left

    PS: hope the work at your attic was fine!