drawing challenge: breakfast

it is early in the morning and still dark outside
this week I was fantasizing about us having breakfast together
enjoying a simple bread meal, meanwhile stories are told
interwoven with smiles and laughter
a warm, loving and creative circle of friends

so this is what I did, I planned a breakfast for us
made lists (to do and shopping) and a seating arrangement
ah! I hear the doorbell 
who will be the first guest?....

for breakfast around the world go to:
Ariane, Germany
Demie, Norway
Nadine, Belgium
Renilde, Belgium
Rachel, USA
Citlalli, USA
Hagar, the Netherlands
Sara, Israel
Lilli, Norway
Jasmin, Australia
and Greta, USA 
and Ritva, Finland! 

14 opmerkingen:

  1. oh! this is so lovely ... my breakfast i am afraid donent look that good ...
    but i am enjoying the company : )

  2. dear Patrice, i would, love, LOVE, to sit at that table, bet we would breakfast all day,beautiful, heartwarming post!! xx and homebaked bread hmmmm lekker!

  3. Dearest Patrice,
    thank you so much! All that much I take a seat on your table with all our fiends... its a joy and honour.
    What a lovely, heartwarming drawing... connected by a red thread and rose hips filled with love and sun...
    what a seed, what a harvest.


  4. Anoniem1.10.11

    Dearest Patrice,
    I must thank you, lovely distant friend for inviting me to breakfast; I do wish I could have made it. Escpecially now, when I see where I would sit. How I would have rejoiced in the company seated at that large round table (I love round tables). It looks so, so perfect.

    My little one has been sick today, and when I sat down now with my half done 'work', I just couldn't continue. Maybe soon, I will.
    Much love,

  5. Such a lovely and "warm" idea. Hope you ladies enjoyed all the goodies :)

  6. what a generous table, what a thoughtful idea to gather us around. this is exactly how i feel each weekend, and i didn't realize it, until it materialized.
    patrice, you have outstunned yourself! you should know i am a lingerer at the table, so you'll find me hours and hours, nibbling and sipping, enjoying the troupe!

  7. Thank you , Patrice, for a lovely breakfast. In my mind I could also envision us all together, I thought of the discussions we might have, what everyones voices sound like...
    It was a trip , thank you.
    Your table looks delightful , simply decorated with the red berries, covered.And hey, we're sitting next to each other, perfect!
    Come Floriade time, we'll do just that!


  8. i will i will, dear - been so busy- i will be a little late- but want to join :)
    your breakfast! what a joy!

  9. Dear Patrice- love your art embroidered circle, and absolutely LOVE the beautiful inviting table- great idea to bring together all cyber friends....Thank you for the invitation- it is a beautiful idea, xx.

  10. Thank you Patrice for the invitation, your drawing transport me to that beautiful table in real life, I love everything on your table all the details , our names........
    Hope that someday in some country we can have breakfast all together!

  11. patrice,
    ik hou van je plaatjes,
    de rood, die kleur, zo scherp,
    en dan de uitnoding voor ontbijt, mijn favoriete? maaltijd, en ik was er eindelijk niet. of nog niet.

    ik ben net uit een silent retreat, dus zaterdag heb ik wel mijn ontbijt in stilte gegeten, wat mooi is dat. misschien kom ik ietjes later met een ontbijt, moet nog effe landen!

    maar heel leuk om mijzelf te vinden bij dat tafel zoiezo.

  12. I'm late... as you can see... but hungry!!


  13. Wat heb jij toch een mooi en inspirerend blog. Die bovenste ontbijt-foto, met cirkel: prachtig in zijn eenvoud!

  14. Oh wat een leuk idee is dit zeg!!! Geweldig.

    Een fijne week nog.