koud en nat

het was een barre tocht
met veel regen- en hagelbuien 
maar met prachtige wolkenluchten
met heel veel wind, maar gelukkig in de rug
met uitgestorven havens zonder elektriciteit en geen warme douche
maar elke avond uiteten en opwarmen in eetcafés
en met koude, koude nachten waarin we sliepen in zoveel mogelijk kleding

maar na 5 dagen, 32 vaaruren, 6 sluizen en 48 bruggen zijn we in Nieuweschans aangekomen

cold and wet

it was a harsh journey
with lots of rain and hail
but with beautiful skies
with lots of wind, but from behind
with deserted ports without electricity and no hot shower
but every night eating out and warming up in eateries
and cold, cold nights in which we slept in many, many clothes

but after 5 days, 32 hours sailing, 6 locks and 48 bridges we arrived in Nieuweschans

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Lucky home coming! Into the warmth... I hope you're well,
    dear Patrice.
    Your wonderful pictures appears to me timeless, could be 100 years ago or more... the landscape, the weather, the wind mill... the TREES.
    xx Ariane.

  2. Beautiful photos..magnificent !

  3. wow. now that is something of an adventure. you have stood the alice test already, i daresay.
    would be lovely if you can make it... ;)

  4. so adventurous! and the pictures are gorgeous : ) ( and your rings by the way...)

  5. wow he...kan me de kou zo voorstellen. Je fofots zijn prachtig

  6. wow, uitdagend!!?

    ik hou heel veel van deze fotos, vooral je ? handen....
    leuk je hier weer te zien!

  7. Incredible! I am so impressed! The boat looks beautiful as does the sky and all that weather. What an experience, to be out there in the elements, maybe not the easiest weather conditions, but you must feel so proud of yourselves for braving it all.
    Your hands warming on the tea is my favorite.

  8. I love that photo too Rachel (and the rings) and the rain on the pretty boat.

    Was it just the two of you??

    The first photo looks almost futuristic to me. Other worldly.

  9. trees is echt een beauty! op meer vaarplezier (minder nat en met meer zon)