drawing challenge: family

blood ties, a family tree, its roots firmly in the ground
history, ancestors
we, now, a family of four with a dog
fragile twigs, the future
my family portrait

for more family, see Greta


bloedbanden, een stamboom, zijn wortels stevig in de grond
geschiedenis, voorouders
wij, nu, een gezin van vier met een hond
voorzichtige twijgjes, de toekomst
mijn familieportret

voor meer familie, zie Greta

15 opmerkingen:

  1. see, patrice. i dig this. your entry so moves me. i don't like to admit it, but this is what i feel when i think of family. i try to get my head and heart around family, as we know it, and although you may have left the family faceless for different reasons, this feels soothing to me. i would go for faceless faces anytime. does say an awful lot about me, actually....
    [i also would like to add that i feel rather intimate with my closest relations, you know)

    i love what you have painted, i am in awe of your tree. i go for roots!

  2. Patrice,
    dearest Patrice!
    ... your family portrait of your five
    colours and weave (!)
    the tree, roots...
    all together adorable.
    I'm delighted.
    I love it.

    Hugs and kisses,

  3. wow,
    heel mooi! die kleuren, en
    hoe sterk het is zonder gezichten, of zonder de details van het gezicht.

    dit wordt spannend!

  4. wat een mooi portret! en jullie hebben een tekel ( toch ? )

  5. this is just wonderful : )

  6. This is such beautiful work Patrice, love the combination of techniques and i agree, leaving your family faceless has a great effect, deepening as it were, the bond between you.

  7. Anoniem9.10.11

    Patrice (!)
    I do not have the words to describe how much your works moves me. It indicates nearly anything.

    A family's influence is forever. The great Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy said "All happy families resemble one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." (Not indicating that you are unhappy, just thinking about my own from the past).

  8. Amazing work, love everything in your picture, the roots, the tree, family portrait!

  9. so very beautiful, i love the combination dear patrice! love, julia

  10. Just amazing.
    simple and complex.
    strong and soft.

    i love the stitching,
    and the cloth.


    and the doggy too.
    love those sausage dogs.

  11. Hoi Patrice,dit is prachtig!! Hoe je dit hebt verbeeld.Haha,je komt eindelijk los..keep up the good work! Mooi,heel moooi!

    En nog bedankt(heb op mijn blog geantwoord)

    xx Fijne week Ingrid

  12. Dear Patrice,
    Such a beautiful work..beautiful gentle painting, love the color, the dog..
    Love you words- as always...xx

  13. Patrice, this is gorgeous. simply gorgeous. The stitching, the painting on fabric. Lovely palette and texture. I love the dog in the forefront. Greta just made such a dog in pottery class today.

  14. mmmhmmm! that is beautiful Patrice! Lucky family!
    THank you for your message - it is true i am struggling with my health but i am OK! The pace of life is frantic around here.
    But i will try my best to join you all again soon since being in touch with all of you is what makes me happy!
    xoxo stephanie