de zee

gisteren zag ik de zee
woest, grijs en prachtig
we vierden de 90e verjaardag van een vriendin
in een strandtent aan de Noorzeekust
het geluid van de branding
zand aan mijn voeten
het einde van de zomer

the sea

yesterday I saw the sea
rough, gray and beautiful
we celebrated the 90th birthday of a friend
in a beach tent on the North Sea coast
the sound of the waves, of the surf
sand at my feet
the end of summer

18 opmerkingen:

  1. special place to celebrate

    ik kan ze horen, de Noordzee, kijkend naar je foto's, x

  2. prachtig stil
    voor een uitbundig feest

  3. the place in between
    where land and sea meet
    constantly shifting
    what a beautiful place to celebrate a birthday
    and such lovely photographs...
    xo, j

  4. I love this place for a birthday celebration! so wonderful pictures!
    :-) mano

  5. what a wonderful place to celebrate!! and it makes me very happy that you've been at the sea!!! love, julia

  6. the sea, she transfixes us in all her incarnations
    even when she stirs up a streak or two of brown
    beautiful, beautiful photographs, dear Patrice
    and warm birthday greetings to your friend.


  7. wauw,
    prachtige leeftijd,
    en bij het zee,
    mooi zo!

  8. Patrice, very strange: I dreamed vividly of the sea last night and your photos in this post are exactly what it looked like in my dream. -sus

  9. What a perfect place for a birthday and to experience the end of summer days...
    The north sea has indeed its own charm : )

  10. Zalige fotos, vind de schelpjesketting heel mooi, hoe maak je daar een gaatje in?

  11. i love a rough sea and a grey sky. a perfect setting to spend with loved ones on such a momentous day!
    the blue inside that shell is striking.

    there's a new theme this week...come say hi...


  12. hi dear,
    90! that´s something!
    and such dramatic photos from the sea!

    it´s September already!
    i´m taking a small break, i´ve noticed :)
    trying to find some new perspective to my work, experimenting, thinking, you know,
    but here i am in case you are coming :)
    HOPE so!

  13. A perfect place for celebrating the 90th birthday - so much energy! Sigh, I fear I have to go to the sea soon - now where the holiday season is over and the beaches are getting empty again and sometimes with the winds and rough sea its sometimes breathtaking beautiful.
    Hugs Barbara

  14. prachtige beelden, en wat een fijne plek om een verjaardag te vieren :)

  15. Dear Ptrice,

    Thank you so much for the sweet message you left me on my blog.
    Wonderful to feel missed...:-)
    I'm back from great vacation and a very needed break in general...
    I've digged in your super-beautiful-stylish blog what a pleasure to look at all your posts!

  16. Oh, Patrice,
    I wanna thank you for that great images of the sea.
    Together with the shells... the colours... Fantastic.

    And a 90th birthday! What a place for celebration, wonderful powerful and pure!

    Ariane (see you in SWIMsuit :)

  17. Patrice, I see you collected seashells on your visit to the sea!
    What a fabulous place to celebrate a 90th birthday.
    Have a great week.

  18. stringed shells stormy sky
    and your friends birthday
    all together so beautiful
    patrice, love your photos,