drawing challenge: swim

swim, swimming lessons, I remember....
the sounds, the teacher, the smell of the pool
the floaties, the waiting on the side
treading water, underwater swimming, the red eyes of the chlorine

I have all swimming certificates and swimming skill diplomas
I could rescue swimming, the butterfly stroke and the swimming-turns
and then I stopped
I hardly swum after my 20th
a few years ago I bought a swimsuit
but since then I have been swimming only once
it was just like then, the sounds, the smell....

to see all of the other swimmers you go to Rachel, our host

little time, just a quick drawing


zwemmen, zwemles, ik weet het nog....
de geluiden, de juf, de geur van het zwembadwater
de zwembandjes, het wachten aan de kant
watertrappen, onderwater zwemmen, de rode ogen van het chloor

ik heb alle zwemdiploma's en zwemvaardigheidsdiploma's
ik kon zwemmend redden, de vlinderslag en de keerpunten
en toen stopte ik
ik heb na mijn 20e bijna niet meer gezwommen
een paar jaar geleden kocht ik een badpak
maar sindsdien heb ik maar één keer gezwommen
het was net als toen, de geluiden, de geur....

weinig tijd, slechts een snelle tekening

17 opmerkingen:

  1. You made me remember too. I never became a swimmer,only on my back can I go forward, I am like a clumsy whale! Your drawings are beautiful.

  2. Patrice I love this drawing its gorgeous and you must simply start swimming again just for no other reason other than to enjoy it.

    Have a lovely weekend Helen x

  3. Although it sounds like you had fun learning to swim and became a very good swimmer that little girl in front of that big pool looks vulnerable or is it rather plunged in thought, you are a great drawer Patrice, x

  4. oh patrice! all of a sudden i now realize with who i want to learn to swim properly! you see, i swim, but oh boy. and i cannot coordinate my head, my breath my arms and movement. and yet i would so like to be able to cleave the water...
    there's such innocence in your drawing. you do realize your work has a lot of down to earth innocence, basics? very strong.

  5. Dearest Patrice,
    in swimming lessons I felt very lonely. My swimming style was nearly perfect, but I was so afraid of water, the clorine, the noises, water in nose and ears that I flopped. Didn't like to be in competition, under pressure.
    You great drawing makes me feel that... and the triumph over the fear.
    Maybe one fine day you will put on your new swimsuit and have fun again in the water of your choice.
    Maybe for you swimming is a (another) source for joy, beeing carried, freedom?

    Thank you for your great drawing, my friend. It seems to me that you can work good under pressure too, with little time...


  6. I grew up in Florida and fondly remember evening pool hopping...
    climbing neighbors fences and taking a swim with my gang of friends.
    : )
    The tilt of her head in the drawing is so charming.

    xo, j

  7. Although I am not an "educated" swimmer, swimming is one of the most beautiful things I know. ..

    your drawing is great( it also has some kind of sadness in it... )

  8. I love this pure essential drawing - very beautiful and very "telling" a story, there is everything in it, what you descriped below, which means: very well done dear talented Patrice!
    xo Barbara

  9. Lovely drawing!...
    Going through the swimming diploma with my daughter this last year..the smell, cold water, humidity.....your drawing shows it all...

  10. What a lovely drawing of a beginning swimmer! I can feel her hesitancy, for whatever reason.
    Really lovely, Patrice. xo Carole

  11. An elegantly simple drawing, Patrice, in which I feel a wistful quality which seem to go along perfectly with your words. xxo. sus

  12. Mhm, I remember all that too.
    And how we used to linger on in the wardrobe after, just to see the older women undress. My friend and I thought they had such beautiful, voluminous bodies!
    Your drawing - feels like it could have been me.

  13. herinnering aan mijn eerste zwemles
    plaats: het ploeterbad, ik met tranen die over de wangen stroomden
    de zwemleraar: " als we nu allemaal uit het zwembad gaan,
    Inge blijft in het midden staan,
    we laten al het zwemwater wegstromen,
    na een tijdje kunnen we weer zwemmen

    de tranen zijn nog heftiger gaan stromen

  14. dear freundin, i am a very bad swimmer. and your heartbreaking drawing reminds
    me of my terrible swimming lessons, the uurrgghhsss terrible smell of the pool water,
    the always yelling bademeister...
    but how ever that was, you ARE an excellent drawer! love+hugs, julia

  15. The safety of the yellow float belt makes this a story. Is she waiting to jump in. Is she nervous. Is this her first jump? Maybe it is her hundredth jump. This picture makes me smell chlorine. Love this one Patrice! Awesome. Talk soon, Norma, xo
    p.s. It's interesting that just because one knows how to do something does not mean that they do it, or that they have to do it.