drawing challenge: mandala

mandala, a circle, used to focus your attention, to meditate
I become calm in my head by knitting, walking and crocheting
and although I have never made a doily, it was the first thing I had to think of

I am not feeling well all week
and ill with the flu and having a cold since yesterday
I drink lots of tea with slices of ginger and lemon
and hope I feel a bit better tomorrow

our host this week is sweet Nadine of tinyWOOLF

mandala, een cirkel, gebruikt om je aandacht te richten, om te mediteren
ik word kalm in mijn hoofd van breien, wandelen en haken
en al heb ik nog nooit een doily gemaakt, dat was het eerste waar ik aan moest denken

ik ben de hele week al niet fit
en grieperig en verkouden sinds gisteren
ik drink liters thee met plakjes gember en citroen
en hoop dat ik me morgen wat beter voel

onze host deze week is sweet Nadine van tinyWOOLF

24 opmerkingen:

  1. Super beautiful post..and such powerful shapes-symbols found in nature..foods..! I love the tea cup and lemon..magical! Beautiful post! AW..hope you feel better soon!

  2. Get well soon Patrice!
    Beautiful images - I can almost smell the lemon and ginger.
    Wish I could crochet so delicately...

  3. I hope the beautiful ginger and lemon mandala help you feel better!
    :-) mano

  4. Dear Patrice - love the use of the lemon and ginger, and hope you are soon full recovered.

  5. Best wishes for a quick recovery, dear Patrice. My Grandmother taught me to crochet as a child but like you, I have never made a doily. xxoo, sus

  6. well that's the right mix, lemon&ginger; they go together so well to feel right up gain, in no time. do not forget the honey!!
    and still, though, you have succeeded in creating a little heaven of peace, right here, before our very eyes!
    mandala to you°, baby.
    {°tinyWOOLF speak for 'get better quick'}

  7. Lemon, ginger.....and garlic with a drop of honey was my grandmother's cold and flu healing recipe. I hope you recover quickly, Patrice. Take care.

  8. make a virtue of necessity. beautiful! it helps you feel better.

  9. Beautiful post, I like this ongoing colour theme through all pictures! Hope you get well soon - maybe Renilde should come over with her "Fliederbeersaft".
    xo Barbara

  10. beautiful manadalas, dear,
    beterschap, hopelijk voel je snel weer beter, of tenminste geef jezelf tijd om ziek te zijn~
    ook heel mooie fotos van de woonbeurs, nr 5&6 zijn favorieten!


  11. Wishes for you to be better really soon, Patrice! The pictures of the natural mandalas make me content and calm. These are really nice. My mandala was round in my head when I first designed it, but when actually working on it, it turned into a square. But there's circular motion inside of the square at least. Be well, Norma, xo

  12. Dear Patrice,
    get well soon, my dear friend.
    You have found your medicine already... this mandala. Pure and beauty, so you.

    When you feel better, please tell me about the material you've work on. I like the traces after you've cutted ginger and lemon.

    x Ariane.

  13. Hope you will get well soon!
    I love your mandalas...sometimes the simple things are the best!

  14. get better,
    dear patrice

    every mandala from here
    looks so bright and healing

  15. are you getting better??
    I love your photos, lemon mandala:)

    I would like to invite you to the next challenge, will you be in, my dear?
    x Stefanie

  16. Dear Patrice,
    your mandalas are inspiring and indeed calming
    I hope you already feel better : )

  17. hope you're feeling better soon.
    xo, j

  18. je maakte je de dc weer helemaal eigen lieve Patrice
    powerful in colour and radiation, uplifting,
    wishing you well, xx

  19. Patrice,
    I hope that the healing mandalas in your tea have helped you.
    The flu is the pits. I'm sorry to hear you are/were ill.
    May this week bring you back to yourself.
    Lovely photos. I can smell that ginger!


  20. I hope you are feeling better! no fun to be sick.

    your artful mandalas are lovely ~

  21. Bedankt voor je comment op mijn blog. Heel mooie en leuke blog heb je trouwens! Prachtige foto's! Ik volg je ;-)
    Ik wens dat je snel beter wordt. 's morgens op nuchtere maag een glas lauw water met versgeperste citroen erin werkt bij mij altijd wondersnel.

  22. my dear, hope you are feeling better!
    with your mandalas you should :)

  23. good wishes from here too
    tea with lemon and ginger
    It's one of my favourites

    k x

  24. Hi Patrice
    I hope you are feeling better. These are great pictures I really like them.

    H x