drawing challenge: egg

Norma chose the theme of this week: egg

in the first part of the two-part 
Dutch General Encyclopaedia of 1950 
i found this print 
'eggs of birds occuring in the Netherlands'
with an explanation and a longitudinal cross-section
of a chicken egg
was the first thing i had to think of
the fritillaria which is called
lapwing flower or lapwing egg in dutch

drawing challenge: ei

Norma koos het thema van deze week: ei

in het eerste deel van de tweedelige 
Nederlandse Algemene Encyclopaedie uit 1950 
vond ik deze prent
'eieren van in Nederland voorkomende vogels
met een uitleg en een lengtedoorsnede 
van een kippenei
was het eerste waar ik aan moest denken
de fritillaria die in het nederlands
kievitsbloem of kievitseitje wordt genoemd

11 opmerkingen:

  1. isn't that a beauty,'kievitseitje' i had them in my garden but they didn't show up last year, i have to go and search for them tomorrow, you never know...

    and the 1950 print eggs, little gems aren't they, i can keep looking at them,
    beautiful post dear Patrice, xx

  2. Patrice, I like where this led. Such a delicate surprise at the end. Beautiful. And that egg chart is fascinating! What a great resource. Liked this post a lot. Happy Easter,art friend, N, xo

  3. this is a precious post. i read up on the fritillaria in a time i got my nose in english magazines (the same ones i mention over at ariane's), and once upon a time i was in amsterdam and found a fritillaria on the bloemenmarkt. i brought it home to my then love, and he had it in the garden for a few seasons, until it disappeared. ha. like the love... hee hee...
    {it may have teamed up with renilde's, who knows? ;)))}
    those old plates in encyclopediae... ha, just SO inspiring...

  4. Wonderful post and beautiful pictures! en hihi: die eerste is echt heel grappig: heel orineel om daar aan te denken, hihi! nog een fijne zondag!

  5. I love the colors of the eggs in this book. So diverse. That is very inspiring for our art. And the egg shape.
    And then the surprise at the end. the flower.
    great post.
    greetings ♥

  6. Dear Patrice, those old drawings are always the best, I love them and the same with this Schachbrettblume how its called in german. I bought one the first time this year and planted it and than the snow came - so no idea, if it survived...
    Wish you a nice sunday!

  7. wow what a wonderful book- and such a lovely flower- I've never heard of one like this so egg-stra special to see :)

  8. beautiful eggs in your encyclopaedia, I love these old drawings. and I love the queen of springtime flowers: fritillaria - in german schachblume, schachbrettblume (chess flower). wonderful!
    :)) mano

  9. What an amount of different eggs! I love those blue ones, they look so unreal in a birds nest. The flower is beautiful, too!

  10. The book plate of eggs is really beautiful, Patrice. We have the same flower here but it will be awhile yet til it blooms on our beaches. We call it Rice Flower or Chocolate Lily here. Happy Easter, xxoo, sus

  11. You must know I am completely in love with this book page?! Thank you for sharing and I an joy seeing the descriptions in your language.