drawing challenge: daily project

the subject of this week is chosen by the queen of daily projects Stefanie

daily project
the first thing i think of are the daily recurring business
of running this household  ;^))

for this drawing challenge i restart my project 2014
east Indian ink, water, one brush and leftover pieces of paper
this time houses appear, prompted by
the household ;^))  and the interior project i am working on
first one small house in a gloomy environment
but as the week progresses that changes into
two or more houses that blend into each other

my first idea for 2014 was a daily project ala Stefanie
i even bought a similar small agenda
but i sustained only the first 10 days of the year
as you can see below

22 opmerkingen:

  1. OK, I see that both are inconsistent in terms of daily projet, HaHa :)
    I love your little houses! how many different possibilities revolving around the same drawing, and black and white
    is exciting to watch!
    I congratulate you.
    your notebook look very nice, uh, until that day came you did not do your daily drawing.
    but, I know about that!
    Thanks for your comment!
    nice week for you!

  2. still very awesome, patrice, zo origineel.
    he, weet je wat? it doesn't matter you left at ten days, just gently ease yourself back to, erm, the routine? i so like what you've done up to now, it seems almost unbearable not to go explore further what all you have in stall. for the world, and especially, for yourself.
    do. that tiny selfie (is it, the eye in the mirror). it is just so astute
    (en ik bedoel dus schrander).

  3. haha, zo grappig! Al is het maar net hoe je het bekijkt: dat je idee uit het huishouden draaiend weten te houden kwam ;-)))) Ik vind het super! En vooral hoe je de huisjes hebt getekend, in hun verschillende zwart-wit-grijs tinten, mooi!
    En van die agenda wil ik er ook wel meer zien, heel mooi en nieuwsgierig-makend! Ik wil ook graag zoiets starten maar ik ben er ook een beetje bang voor…wie weet, volgend jaar...

  4. love the little houses series!

  5. yes, daily project is real life, household and other wise.
    Loved seeing your houses
    and your sketchbook is wonderful to see too ~

  6. I love how your houses have formed a community. Now, there is variety. Communion. Company and yet with a still sense of self and individuality. This is very appealing to me, this community you have built this week, Patrice! Really, just how life should be in my opinion. My spirit lives in one of the spirit houses, meant for company and visitors in this community. Beautiful work.
    Hugs to you, Norma, x
    p.s. I had an idea when reading your comment to my blog this week. So far, the folk who have done the Cameron book (is it not i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g that so many of us have found ourselves in each other's company here) are myself, Nadine, Mano and yourself. I bet there will be more. The idea I just got was to do a round robin of writing/illustrating/drawing/photographing etc. where one of the folk (a volunteer) would start it off by writing something, or drawing something, and then mail it off to the next person who is in the group [the group would have a name and a spot on facebook/flicker. etc. {I don't know how to set these things up but it would be fabulous to have this set up}; the name would be something like MEET YOU AT THE BLUE WILLOW CAFE and it does not have to be 'fairy' anything. It would just start and gain a life of its' own by the people in the group] and the next person would add on, inspired by what the previous person(s) have done. One could write, and the next might add on writing to the story, or illustrate what is already written, or add a photograph, etc. They could add their contribution to the facebook page and/or flicker. etc. How much fun would that be!!! Then in the end the whole thing could be bound somehow. Anyway, this is a nice idea I think! :) p.s. already I am nervous about mailing such a piece of work. Isn't that funny? The thing is only inside of my head and I worry!!

  7. Oh Patrice, if you could see me smiling and hear the oooohhhhs you'd know how sweet I think your houses are! Home sweet home......
    Ha the number of times my good intentions of filling a journal in some sort of daily sequence is too many to count. You are amongst the thousands. :)
    xo Carole

  8. These are wonderful Patrice! I love how the watercolor bleeds but you've contained it so well in these little houses- a little metaphor there I think and always such a strong graphic quality- which I love about your work- you should keep going :) they are lovely!!

  9. patrice, patrice - I'm ravished by your little houses, so plain and simple, but such a great graphic work!
    your notebook is beautiful, perhaps one day you carry on!?
    :-) mano

  10. but Patrice, they are wonderful!!! your houses are simply great, I mean, what can I say, I love them. You should go on with your ink drawings, they are skilful, it´s a pleasure to watch them.
    Are you sure I am inspiring you? Well if so I´m feeling very flattered... And your daily project in this little agenda makes me smile and the best is: you can use this booklet for drawing when ever you like to! Remember: My Agenda last year was from 1928 :-)
    thank you sister x Stefanie

  11. I LOVE your houses, (but I don't love my household - an endlessly project here) and all the drawings in your agenda. Leftover pieces of paper are good and inspiring for me too.
    X Lucia

  12. I really love this little houses, they can be continued the whole year... why not?
    Greetings Michaela

  13. WOW! Patrice all of them are absolutely awesome! I thought about household and walking the dog, but that is more a daily routine than a project. But your house series is absolutely great, I like your reduced and yet strong style and to top all of them you have this wonderful agenda startet and each page is a unique treasure and pleasure to look at. Please do more, it doesn't have to be only daily basis, but go girl go!
    xo barbara bee

  14. we all have to follow our own paths. and when one thing ends, another one will envolve. I love both of your projects. so, so different from one pair of hands. incredible. and your houses, I can see a complete wall. funny, this is actually something, that comes to my mind, with all daily projects. little things and a lot of them. maybe something that applies to a lot of things in life!

  15. There is something in the proportions of these that is enchanting. And I'm always drawn to repetition with variation but there is opposition here too - black/white, open/closed, alone/together - and I love what that does to the dynamic. And yet your groups are all conjoined. There is so much more you could do with these ... are you going to continue them?

  16. Patrice, your house drawings are so strong. I like the progression from solitary to connected. And January 8!!!

  17. my dear Patrice,
    as a home+house lover
    i love each one
    and all together

  18. Wow.
    Your houses...stunning!
    Love the simplicitiy, the variety, the combination. Perfect.
    And please continue your sketchbook, too.
    So totally different from the house-row, but also great!

  19. wauw
    zo prachtig je lijnen en vormen
    always mesmerizing me with your creations.

    veel liefs

  20. alles wat ik hier zie is zo mooi!
    i do love houses and when they become just more than a building, that's beautifully expressed in your small paintings, light behind windows often touches me...

    your small agenda... oh how i wished you went on... that ladybird holding on to a tiny stem... determined,
    beautiful post

  21. I love, love, love the journal project!
    What does it matter if you missed a few days, just fill them in later.
    Break the rules!
    The ink houses are bold and work very well together.
    You are amazing!
    xo, j