drawing challenge: eye contact

the subject of this week is chosen bij Renilde of Stroke of a Brush

eye contact, one of the most direct and powerful forms of non-verbal communication
our deepest emotions are expressed through our eyes
'the eye is the window of the heart'

the eyes with which i make the most eye contact are those of Youngest
no, actually with those of Splinter! that's what i like about a dachshund
that he seeks eye contact, something other dogs see as threatening

ok, the eyes of Youngest, eyes like the sea
honest open eyes that can not lie, at least not to me  ;^)))

i really wanted to make a double portrait, paintings from the eyes of our two sons
but than the headaches came, again, so it became only this pencil drawing

images from 2008, 2010 and 2013

oogcontact, een van de meest directe en krachtigste vormen van non-verbale communicatie
onze diepste emoties komen tot uitdrukking via onze ogen
'de ogen zijn de vensters van het hart'

de ogen waarmee ik het meest oogcontact maak zijn die van Jongste
nee, eigenlijk met die van Splinter! dat vind ik zo leuk aan een teckel
dat hij oogcontact zoekt, iets wat andere honden juist als bedreigend ervaren

ok, de ogen van Jonste, ogen als de zee
eerlijke open ogen die niet kunnen liegen, tenminste niet tegen mij  ;^)))

eigenlijk wilde ik een dubbelportret maken, schilderijen van de ogen van onze beide zonen
maar toen kwamen de hoofdpijnen, weer, en werd het deze potloodtekening

15 opmerkingen:

  1. child's eyes cannot lie, especially to a mother ;)
    a free not aching head to you!
    xo dania

  2. wat onzettend mooie ogen en tekening. hopelijk een beetje rust nu achter je ogen? en minder pijn.

    ik kom 1 maart naar nederland. heb tot nu nog geen terug ticket, maar denk zo 2-3 weken blijven. vanaf 10 ben ik denk ik een paar dagen amsterdam. wil je heel graag zien!
    kan misschien ook naar jou komen?

  3. Those eyes! So honest and trusting.
    I hope you can rest your eyes and will be headache free.
    xo Carole

  4. Young eyes are just that open and clear! I hope this head ache leaves you in the clear sooner than later!

  5. such beautiful eyes!
    a lovely drawing of them. I like the simplicity of the lines and then the gorgeous color!

  6. What beautiful eyes!
    So sorry about your headaches, I know how debilitating they can be.
    Get plenty of rest dear friend.
    xo, j

  7. Ah, Patrice - sorry to hear your headache is back... your eye contact with Youngest resonates with me. Our Youngest, too, (now a man of 30) is the one with whom eye contact is the deepest and truest. Your drawing is beautiful.

  8. i'm sorry about the headaches of which you have way too many, it seems...
    but then i look into these eyes you offer us...
    what a fine, fine drawing. i'd like to be swallowed up by the technique, great observation exercise! beautiful!

  9. how wonderful to look into these beautiful eyes, yes eyes like the sea
    you show us not only the beauty of eye contact but also the beauty and wonder of an eye itself,
    all so different and unique when you take a good look
    hope you feel better today my dear, xx

  10. What an amazing eye colour he has!! Really fascinating combination of blue and green and you captured it so perfect in your pencil drawing!
    And yes, now that you're talking about dog's eye contact, I surely have to agree and think of our Bordermix Paula, who is so focussed to have eye contact to her human family members...I love to have eye contact with her and try to communicate with such a different creature just by looking at each other...quite a mystery!!
    Hope your headaches getting better in between, I'm also suffering from them from time to time, so I know how terrible that is...get well soon!

  11. Hi, Patrice. these eyes,are really for a visual contact, and not stop looking
    It is a pity that your headache is not allowed to continue. but as far as you draw, that's enough. is OK!
    I guess looking at the depth and sweetness of these eyes, your headache will go away. :)

  12. beautiful eyes!!
    take care and get well soon!

  13. Oh my... dear Patrice,
    these eyes! I have never seen deeper ponds!
    Beautiful drawing and you set the right tone of colour, Dear
    and I hope you feel better already.
    (my husband suffered from migraine the last days... today it is better)

    Fresh flowers in your house? (do you seed some sowing in your garden already?)
    xo Ariane xx

  14. wow. great drawing! i love the colour of his eyes

  15. Oh my goodness, such beautiful eyes! And your drawing is exquisite.

    P.S. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a note. :)