frida kahlo and the unfinished

there needs to be done a lot:
completing one interior design project, starting-up the next,
designing the decor of the annual musical and
the administration of 2013, that also....

my daily project is stopped
and miss Stuttgart looks at me reproachfully  ;^((
searching for something i find this photo from 1944 of Frida Kahlo
and a new idea bubbles up.... NO! STOP!
first finish the unfinished

er moet van alles worden gedaan:
afronden van het ene interieurproject, opstarten van het volgende,
het ontwerpen van het decor van de jaarlijkse musical en
de administratie van 2013, dat ook....

mijn dagelijkse project is gestopt
en miss Stuttgart kijkt me verwijtend aan  ;^((
zoekend naar iets vind ik deze foto uit 1944 van Frida Kahlo
en een nieuw idee borrelt op.... NEE! STOP!
eerst het onvoltooide afmaken

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Your allowed to change your mind Patrice....sometimes one idea is a gateway to the next. Though keeping up with obligations has a priority- new idea usually means new energy :)
    Enjoy the balancing

  2. Ideas come leading to more ideas....and more .......and more....
    how wonderful for you!

    1. so, so true. and stopping them can e a hard task to follow. but what I have learned; they do not disapear. ideas do wait. greetings from freezing berlin, patrice p.s. workig on a million strings here too and trying to focus...

  3. I wish you could taste the freedom, dearest Patrice,
    the blessing from your 2014 project:
    'east indian ink, water, watercolor and only one brush
    on small leftover pieces of paper
    working fast so i will not be tempted to make them perfect.'


    I am enthusiastic about your cornucopia of ideas... and nosy and patient (as miss Stuttgart;)
    Yeah, enjoy the balance!


  4. kahlo may distract you, she is not ever up to mischief.
    plans! yey!...
    ps - you came really close with n° 67!! ;)))

  5. Sounds like the normal madness of life - don't be to unpolite and strict with yourself. We artists are easly distracted - it comes and goes.
    hugs barbara bee

  6. hahha, ken ik goed, die gevoel!
    wat vind ik haar prachtig, frida...
    veel liefs, en phu, ademen..

  7. I agree with the others, don´t be strict... things come as they are... everything has its place...
    good luck with your inner and outside projects
    x Stefanie

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