drawing challenge 148: DRESS

as i said before i like to wear a dress layered
with a jeans underneath and a cardigan over it

i am not really a color or pattern girl
but am a huge fan of minä perhonen
therefore i thought 'how do i look in such a dress?'

i drew a picture of myself in a jeans, dress and cardigan 
i then cut the dress and placed the drawing on all sort of images of
the fine book by minä perhonen, named '?'
and then 
i exaggerated  ;^))

for more about DRESS, please visit:

Veronica Roth, Ariane, Joanne, Nadine, Stefanie, Eric,
Sabine, Kristen, Katrin, Suzie, Sally, TammieTanïa
and Lucia

wish you all a nice weekend!

16 opmerkingen:

  1. oh what a fine idea! I could imagine you do it once more and more, to give you new dresses, so nice!
    thank you for being our hostess, I really had fun with that theme and you inspired me for the next d.c. - you HAVE to be in, sister!
    x Stefanie

  2. Lovely! reminds me of the paper dolls we played with as children!
    Thank you for the challenge, I enjoyed it very much x

  3. so clever of you!
    a wonderful drawing.

    Thank you for being our lovely hostess!

  4. Ha!
    Who needs to sew them, when you can just do this!
    I wish I could afford Mina's textiles....
    thanks for the theme this week sweetie.
    Oh and a BIG thank you for the lovely prints that arrived this week!
    The extra gift, was the best part :))

  5. Oh I am glad to see Suzie remembers paper dolls too. What fun this has been! Thank you, Patrice.

  6. Oh the hours of playing paper dolls with my sister! Thank you Patrice for the memories. I'm sorry I wasn't able to join in this challenge but I'm making the time to visit everyone's blog to see their works. Happy week to you Patrice. xo Carole

  7. Oh I see! I love layered clothing too. Mina's clothes are lovely and have, what looks to me as, that Japanese feeling to them. My son is in Japan right now and Instagraming all sorts of interesting looks. :D Thank you again for hosting Patrice. This was has been a lot of fun.

  8. OH what fun! It reminds me of a toy my daughter had where she could design dresses for her doll with different pieces of fabric. Love it !

  9. Nice series of drawings. - eric

  10. patrice! SO very you... i want to learn drawing techniques from you, sweetie. such a fetching self portrait and an unstoppable you!!

    oh, mina perhonen, he? yeah, i catch your drift. if only it would be affordable, which it so isn't... we can dream. and we can collage our dream together. and next you can print your very own homemade perhonen! you've got it all to do it!
    thxs. lovely theme, really. n♥
    and thxs for yoour sweetest comment.
    LOVE weird too... hi hi hi. ;)))

  11. what a great idea, it's certainly a great way to try on clothes. I like the different patterns.

    visiting from Tammie Lee's blog. have a great day.

  12. Nice- I can see why you like her- really wonderful style and looks so comfortable- makes me want to try making some clothes myself- hmmmm ;)
    Thanks so much for the theme it was a lot of fun!

  13. great idea! I think my fav is the dress with the pastel shade "eggs"! and I love your style!
    :-) mano

  14. Dear Patrice, what a wonderful idea the different patterns. My favourite is the green one.
    Thank for this wonderful theme.
    ♥ Sabine

  15. I do not know why, but the dress with the arrows is the ONE for me.
    Thank you for this dc.

  16. Mooi, dear Patrice, mooi!
    Haven't known exactly Minä Perhonen before you introduce this with your dress doll of yourself, mooi!
    Do you know that the name means'I butterfly'? It is Finnish! in Japan! For me a great combination and it fits you so well, my dear friend!
    xoxx Ariane of Rose