drawing challenge: cookie

the theme for this week is chosen by STEFANIE
please visit her blog for the links to the other participants

this week i changed my motto
'it's always time for cake' into 
'it's always time for cookies'

i made a simple dough 
200 g sugar, 200 g butter, 400 g spelledflour and 1 egg 
after mixing i left it for half an hour in the fridge 
coffee break!
then i rolled out the doug and stuck out circles
i used small letter stamps for the texts
just about 15 minutes in an preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius
tasty when still slightly warm 

nice weekend!

deze week veranderde ik mijn motto
'het is altijd tijd voor taart' in
'het is altijd tijd voor koekjes'

ik maakte een simpel deeg
200 g suiker, 200 g boter, 400 g speltbloem en 1 ei
na het mengen liet ik het een half uur rusten in de koelkast
daarna rolde ik het deeg uit en stak rondjes uit
ik gebruikte kleine letterstempeltjes voor de teksten
slechts 15 minuten in een voorverwarmde oven van 180 graden Celsius
lekker als ze nog een beetje warm zijn

fijn weekend!

16 opmerkingen:

  1. these are awesome Patrice!
    the lettering must have been quite a bit of work.
    thank you for sharing the recipe ~

  2. great!! I like your cookie-cookies!!

  3. Nice found. And I like the bird in the cup as well. - eric

  4. LOVE, baby, LOVE!
    so effective... n♥

  5. very delicious and so beautiful, wow, let´s have another cup 8oh and what a nice cup do you present here!) together with your cookies!
    thank you x stefanie

  6. That works very well and you can reed it clearly. Mmm they look very tasty. Love it.

  7. Next time i cook some cookie I'll steal the idea of the stamps! I loved it. And thanks for the recipe! :)

  8. I will bake your cookies,
    your delicious cookies, dear Patrice,
    will enjoy them with a cup of tea
    while I think on you, my friend,
    my sweet friend.

    xoxx Ariane.

  9. How sweet these are! Sometimes the most simple cookies are the best! And the cup with the bird inside...just lovely!

  10. So nice. And so true. Today I will make time for cookies and tea. Thank you.

  11. Very very sweet your stamped cookies and I really like your tea mug, did you draw it yourself?
    xo. barbara bee
    P.S. Guess I have those cookie stamps myself but never really used it, which is a mistake as I realize it now.

  12. Such a sweet idea...in more ways than one :)

  13. Ha ha ha, oh now my mind is racing with the kinds of words I could print on those cookies! Very lovely Patrice. :D