drawing challenge: swoon

swoon; 'to be attracted or interested in someone or something'
admiration for
this translation reminded me of my idols from the past
like Audrey Hepburn for example in those beautiful black and white movies

at the moment i am very impressed by, swoon over
the masterful weaving of spiders
see these images of our kitchen window
(who appears to need washing  ;^))

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swoon; te worden aangetrokken of ge├»nteresseerd zijn in iemand of iets
bewondering hebben voor
deze versie deed me denken aan mijn idolen van vroeger
zoals Audrey Hepburn bijvoorbeeld in die prachtige zwart/wit films

op het moment ben ik onder de indruk van
de magistrale weeftechniek van de spinnen
zie deze foto's van ons keukenraam
(die zo te zien gewassen moeten worden  ;^))

8 opmerkingen:

  1. What more can I say? Nature at this time starts with beautiful weaving, I do like. There are of couse also very very big, did I mention VERY big spiders that I absolutely dislike. I would like to draw this. x Joke.

  2. wow! I would swoon over these as well! such gorgeous weaving!
    thank you for joining us!

  3. these are wonderful. nature sure knows how to create.

    visiting from tammie lee's blog, have a great day.

  4. Oh I know what you mean. There isn't a hope in hell that we can ever duplicate something as intricately as this, is there? I remember that one time I sprayed a spider's web with paint and printed it. I think it worked out fairly well, if I remember, although I don;t think the spider was impressed! :D Hope your weekend is a lovely and comfy one.

  5. i knew, I KNEW you were gonna mention your windows need washing.
    {only because i'd feel the same, right}, so you make me smile so...
    {oh, and i did my windows too, at three different intervals in two weeks time; and i'm not done...}
    but ah, those spider weaving webs!
    so, i cleaned the studio window, and the next morning another spider's web!
    what? they are quick!

  6. your pictures of spider weavings are so wonderful!!

  7. Ik twijfel al een hele week of ik hierop zou reageren met een klein citaat. Als ik een web zie of er toevallig in verstrikt geraak, komen die woorden in mijn gedachten. Laat je raam voor wat het is en geniet...
    'the spider is a repairer. If you bash into the web of a spider, she doesn't get mad. She weaves and repairs it.' Louise Bourgeois.