drawing challenge 155: T O A S T

the theme of this weeks drawing challenge is chosen bij VERONICA

almost a bread per day is eaten in our household
six whole breads (or more) per week
but not by me, i'm not a bread eater
but if i eat bread than toasted
using a grill pan, which works perfectly,
we have no toaster  ;^)))
some fig jam, a few walnuts and some soft goat cheese

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bijna een brood per dag wordt er gegeten in ons huishouden
zes hele broden (of meer) per week
maar niet door mij, ik ben geen broodeter
maar als ik brood eet dan geroosterd
met behulp van een grillpan, dat werkt perfect
we hebben geen broodrooster; ^)))
beetje vijgenjam, een paar walnoten en wat zachte geitenkaas
hmmmm ....

15 opmerkingen:

  1. hey, ho! i'll try my toast your way, and how clever is toasting in a pan anyway?!!
    i always look forward to your interpretation, and i'm never disappointed.
    i'll have the letter A, thank you.

  2. Another toast, what's on it? Nice, pure photographes, simple, clean. This is it, and this is enough.

  3. scrumptious toast, makes me dream of al fresco lunches while gazing at snowflakes outside .
    and even here letters, hurray :)

  4. Nice bread letters! The traces of the typesetting course:) Bonne appetit! - eric

  5. ah this is so nice... stylish and yummy and I wonder if someone has eaten the letters after all
    x Stefanie (tolerates bread much better if roasted)

  6. your toast sounds like toast i would love

    my kitchen is tiny and i think of getting rid of the toast so that i have more space....
    i also love toast dipped in a mix of olive oil, tomatoes and goat cheese.
    your photos are gorgeous Patrice!

  7. your toast letters are so great! I think it' really funny to eat it. and now - I'm very hungry because your bread looks so yummy!! (I am a bread eater!!)
    :-) mano

  8. I know what you mean! We're a big bread family too. Especially some lovely bread like the darker, whole food ones. I do have a toaster here at home, but at the cabin we don't (no electricity) and so tend to toast it on a sort of camping toaster over an open flame. It's a bit of a pain and often burns the bread in a spot or two. I think I might try it on a frying pan next time. Thank you so much for finding the time to join in Patrice. Big hugs. X

  9. AH! that looks good! my family are big on bread as well- except I try to steer clear and eat it as a treat...the toastier the better I say :)

  10. It's a very sad day indeed, when one stops eating breads of any sort. Well, except for the very foamy Sunday bread that bounces on the floor when squished into a ball! Love your toast letters, Patrice.

  11. Delicious and creative! I love it, especially the toast letters.

  12. Same Story here: a bread per day. Love your Pictures!

  13. This recipe sounds also very delicous and funnily enough I was thinking about cutting the word out of toast but showing the negative form. Well done!
    barbara bee

  14. I like your bread-letters! And your pictures too! The plate is skandinavian?

  15. Patrice, I am totally going to try toast with YOUR topping. I have put fig jam on my grocery list as we speak! N, xo