last weekend i had, together with four others, a three-day course typesetting
it was given by master printer Thomas Gravemaker
in the book printer studio of Grafisch Atelier Hilversum
and boy! did i like it

i typeset six texts
the last picture shows one (sorry, it's in dutch ;^))
it is quote of Sonia Gaskell, founder and first artistic director of the National Ballet
saying: girl, girl, if you fall, always make something of it

afgelopen weekend had ik, samen met vier anderen, een 3-daagse cursus letterzetten
het werd gegeven door meester-drukker Thomas Gravemaker
in de boekdrukkerij van Grafisch Atelier Hilversum
en man! wat heb ik genoten

ik heb zes teksten gezet
de laatste foto toont er een
het is een citaat van Sonia Gaskell, oprichter en eerste artistiek directeur van het Nationale Ballet

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  1. You cannot know how envious I am. I specialised in print and textiles when I did my art degree and I can smell that print room from here. But I never really got to play as much as I'd have liked with type. My grandfather was a typesetter though and it's in my blood.

    Beautiful work and I love the quote.

  2. oh yes this must be your cup of tea.

    b/w, clear and precise, no frills, poetic, significant, positive.
    very recognizable your style Patrice, beautiful!

  3. What a wonderful place to spend the weekend - It sounds like you had a very productive workshop! I'm glad I get a peek, I love seeing others' workplaces.

  4. oh goodness this is amazing. i love typesetting, the letters are gorgeous. love this patrice!

  5. i don't know why, but this moves me so. maybe because your post ends with such a touching quote... you must have had a ball. and now you want a proper studio, yeah? happy for you!! n♥

  6. This place looks amazing!
    I like the quote too
    thanks for the translation :)
    Can't wait for the post to arrive!!!!

  7. What fun... all those letters....& wonderful photos too!

  8. Wat fijn!
    Mooi tekstje zette je ook, ik ben benieuwd naar de rest…
    En, ik wil ook weer zo graag!

  9. Oh, dit heb ik altijd al willen doen.
    Ziet er heel leuk uit!

  10. lucky, lucky girl
    + what a wonderful quote,
    thank you, will try and live by it :)

  11. Anoniem5.2.15

    Voor diegenen die er zin in hebben, 10 t/m 12 april workshop lino, letterpress en boekbinden in Amsterdam, 18 t/m 19 workshop in het Grafisch Atelier in Hilversum. En voor kleine groepen en individuele workshops in m'n eigen atelier: www.letterpressamsterdam.com

  12. Wat gaaf zeg. Die onderste tekst is geweldig!