drawing challenge 156: the unexpected

the theme of this weeks drawing challenge is chosen by JOKE
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the unexpected
of which i am usefully happy
a cheerful excitement
but not this week
this week we had unexpectedly (and all four at the same time!!) the flu
i will spare you the details
we are well again, thank you
this downy feather made me happy when i found it
an unexpected small happiness

het onverwachte
daarvan word ik meestal blij 
een vrolijke opwinding
maar niet deze week
deze week hadden we onverwacht (en alle vier tegelijkertijd!!) griep
ik zal je de details besparen
we zijn weer beter, dank je
dit donsveertje maakte me blij toen ik het vond
een onverwacht klein geluk

17 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi! Wat een werk zo'n stempel. Ik heb hier ook gutsjes liggen daar moet ik nodig eens mee aan de slag.

  2. Beautiful !! Hope everyone is back to good health!

  3. Ja,heel mooi. Die veer. 'm zien liggen, op te rapen, mee te nemen, te bewaren, te tekenen.!

  4. Glad you are better! Love the feather print!

  5. Oh no! All four of you at the same time? Well, who needs that! Oh dear. Happily flues don't last that long, but I bet it knocked the wind out of you all just the same. The little feather, and the little feather stamp are both lovely. I've been thinking lately about carving myself some more stamps, and especially some useful stamps. Useful stamps...hmm...wonder what useful stamps look like. :D Big hugs for health and happiness. x

  6. glad that you're better now. how lovely is that feather stamp.

  7. i am so glad you are all feeling better, that sounds like no fun at all!
    you have portrayed this sweet feather beautifully.

  8. Ja ik kreeg al visioenen... Teer he, je wilt het dan ook gelijk zo behandelen en hebt geen keuze. Dus ben je het je bewust dat je iets ziet of vastpakt dat liefde, zorg nodig heeft. Verbaasd me niks dat je dit gepakt hebt na de flue. Prachtige stempel. Fijn dat je hebt meegedaan.

  9. how the downy feather comes to exist, on paper, printed...
    hopefully you're all set for the rest of the winter now, flu-less!!

  10. Dear Patrice, hope you feel better now.
    Your feather is simply wonderful.
    Have a healthy week.

  11. Hi Patrice, yes the unexpected is only nice if its a nice surprise beeing sick all at ones is more like a unexpected nightmare. Good that you feeling better now and all pics are definitely so YOU.

  12. glad you're feeling better already. that coming from a woman, wrapped in a scarf, drinking hot tea right now. some is good, some isn't so pleasant. right?! your feathers, I am head over heels. feathers have always touched me, being that soft and on the other hand, giving so much strength. in fact, I am thinking about a feather tatoo!

  13. Ugh! so glad your all on the mend...and your post is so hopeful finding joy in something so small and making it into some thing quite extraordinary :)

  14. Well, I will not say that I love the flu. But, when suddenly you feel you have to go to bed. It is a small "vacation" unexpectedly, gives me the opportunity to watch some TV. without guilt because I'm not working.

  15. That little stamp, perfection!

    So glad you are all better x