she asked me to take part in a giveaway-month
i feel honored and said yes
but now i have only a few days left
to finish this linocut
first felt pen sketch
listening to this music it goes better  ;^))

ze vroeg me deel te nemen in een giveaway-maand
ik voel me vereerd en zei ja
maar nu heb ik nog maar een paar dagen over
om deze linosnede af te maken
eerste viltstiftschets
luisterend naar deze muziek gaat het beter ;^))

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, like a butterfly dancing to the voice of Aretha you will finish your mooi lino, dear Patrice!

    xo Ariane xx

  2. AHHH, she also asked me and I am so honored and somehow I too have not finished up with only these few days! Where does the time go?

    Also this print is MAGNIFICENT, lucky lucky soul who wins it.

  3. your feathers are really beautiful - good luck for finishing!!
    :-) mano

  4. So beautiful ... a precious thing!

  5. oh yes, wonderful music.
    this is gorgeous, it will be a wonderful print.