even though i do not feel well
(headaches, migraine and nausea: hurray! for the menopause)
they are ready, the dotted and striped feathers in black and gold
i will place them in my etsyshop this afternoon
in March they will be part of
the giveaway month of Vibeke, see here
my day will be March 26  ;^))

for now i wish you all a fine and bright weekend

hoewel ik me niet goed voel
(hoofdpijn, migraine en misselijkheid: hoera! voor de menopauze)
zijn ze klaar, de gestippelde en gestreepte veren in zwart en goud
ik zal ze vanmiddag plaatsen in mijn etsyshop
in maart zullen ze onderdeel zijn van
de giveaway maand van Vibeke, zie hier
mijn dag zal zijn 26 maart  ;^))

voor nu wens ik jullie allen een fijn weekend

14 opmerkingen:

  1. your feathers are wonderful!
    x dania

  2. Hello! Patrice! Wonderful dotted feather and hope you get well soon.
    xo barbara bee

  3. Dear Patrice,
    your feathers are so mooi! Leuk! See their softness.
    And I even admire, how clean and tidy you work. For me very difficult... color overall ;-)

    Ariane xoxx

  4. Stunning, truly stunning.

    Feel better dear Patrice x

  5. I love feathers, particularly yours. wonderful!
    get well soon!
    :-) mano

  6. Patrice, these feathers are so beautiful - you have managed to make them so expressive.
    Sorry to hear about the headaches, feel better soon, x

  7. i really, really want to see you at work on this, i do not understand how this works, and i am very interested in printing. the results are just so very stunning.
    i never told you. the print of "YOU" sits in the hall way, next rachel's tree abc print. you talk all the while, you girls!! ;))) i shall make a picture of that and send you.
    i love the gold rim!

  8. Oh boy, oh boy. You poor sweetie. You've been under the weather for quite a while now. (But don't talk to me about the "mental-pause"! Half the time I don't know what the heck is going on with headaches and general blah feelings, but I bet it's all menopause related.)

    I'm so excited about Vibeke's giveaway. My day is the 10th. That's going to be so very much fun. Can't wait to see what everyone has going on, but i love your feathers. Brilliant to the max. I just tried to do another lino cut. I'll go away now and do about 50 more before I can even pretend to know what I'm doing...lol. Big hugs for a migraine free weekend.

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  10. Prachtige veren! En wat een mooie giveaway waar je aan mee doet.

  11. Prachtige veren! En wat een mooie giveaway waar je aan mee doet.

  12. beautiful always
    - and not that it will make much difference to how you feel
    but i'm walking by your side down the migraine + nausea road . . . :(

  13. Hi Patrice!
    Nice to meet you too!
    Your work made me smile.
    I'll try to win your beautiful feathers on Vibeke's blog :)